Hey Billy, here is a helpful link for you

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Hey Billy, here is a helpful link for you Empty Hey Billy, here is a helpful link for you

Post  Lady Tis-Shine on Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:09 pm


It was interesting knowing you and it was hilarious to deal with you in my special way. Oh and that FatMan called Ciggy/Ron Barney/real name Francis can stop trying to get my personal info from FB and he can think I am Ugly, Old or whatever but in the end of the day, he is the expert of Ugly (his wife looks like an extra in Cannibel Holocaust). If I had his looks and his mind, I would be ashamed of myself for showing myself in public like he does in FB but all I will say is that MY REAL ONLINE/OFFLINE pals know who I am. Oh and I have all the details of Ciggy aka Francis, who will be very, very sorry cos I have connections. cthulhu
You can call me all the names under the sun Billy, but in the end of the day, at least I am not a Perverted Jailbird who is a self hating Jew, and another thing, Julian is the WINNER and you are not. cthulhu You are witless, boring and to be honest, I feel sorry for you. cthulhu And one more thing, shut up about Iggy Pop, you are not him and watch your back cos I have a few mates seeing you in that Trailer Park. cthulhu I am not going to waste a single minute of my time with a Troll like you.

All I would say in my final message to you is

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