Tiswas Novellas Re Re Visited...!!!

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Tiswas Novellas Re Re Visited...!!!

Post  Damn'sod..!!! on Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:43 pm

Tiswas Novellas Re Re Visited...!!!

Chapter One-A Modern Romance

Well the novel starts with a investigating officer (who looks a bit like the bald one of Modern Romance pop group.
He listens/sees a video tape of some poor guy getting murdered, and his last words are:
'I will go to the papers, tell the police and expose Duncan Brond as he really is', and the poor man is getting chased then he runs upstairs instead of downstairs in a large skyscraper building.
The victim is then thrown to his death by those thugs and the officer (Dect Herbert) sees Duncan Lund who is partially responsible.
He looks like J R Ewing with a afro grey style and is very tall.
This makes Dect Herbert more interested with the following Brond has, so he gets his books and visits his websites.
Lots of the fms are sychopants, and brond has 'saved' them from porn, drink/drug addictions.
But what really spooks Dect Herbert is why those fms have to PAY to say their waffle on his forum.

Chapter Two-Down And Out In Paris And London

After a bit further investigation, into the victims death he has found that the victim, was Bronds PA.
The PA of Brond had a drink problem, and Brond 'saved him by telling him that alcholol had some chemicals toi alter his mind and all that baloney.
As a result the guy (jim), did give brond some of his life savings and put him up in his home whilst he was on speaking tours. but then he found a seedy side to Brond, Brond would like to see men/women after a show for personal reasons and this is what put jim off.
Jim actually found him in the master bedroom with 5 of those audience members, and no they were not good-lookers but average.
Why, well Brond classes this as a mercy mission, and also involved in the sordid tryst was Jim's fiance.
this made Jim see red.
Why he wanted to expose Brond was that Brond was against free love BEFORE marriage, spoke about the higher forces which control all and totally bad mouthed junkies and drunks.
His motto was 'You force your own misery down your own throuts not ours'.
Now Dect Herbert knew what he was against.

Chapter Three-I Spy With My Illuminati Eye

The next part of the Book
Brond is claiming poverty whilst living in the best part of town and he has many unknown children floating around.
Dect Herbert has decided to become an undercover spy. i.e he will pose as a follower.
Apparantly it is not so well known that Brond has a butler, a maid, a cook and a driver whilst publicly stating to be against all of this.
And He (Brond) hates to listen to music at his home, cos 'morons are singing it'.
And when a programme is on TV that he does not like Brond is know to smash the TV.
Dect Herbert had heard of Brond's absolute bad bvehaviour once in a family wedding.
Brond was getting drunk, trying to do a striptease and was eating most of the food.

Chapter Four-Psyilli Sod

Duncan Brond is getting stranger by the day and minute.
He is 'writing' book and doing plenty of talks cos he has the gift of the gab, a common touch with all and sundry.
But money and followers he needs because he is an egomaniac.
Brond was once involved in a nasty murder, he has sort of murdered before rember the guy who was throwh off the top floor.
The other guy was his proof writer who noticed someone else's work.
He told Brond but Brond brush his grey curly hair looked at him with icy blue eyes, 'What drugs are you on' then he told him to try some wonderful mushrooms he had just grown.
These mushrooms made the man have soime sort of double vision and it felt to the man if he was drunk.
He cooked the 'scrooms' in a bolonaise, because he knew it was the man's favourite and that was his last meal.
The innocent victim was force-fed this by Brond's henchmen, and he was made to walk in the traffic.
The man, who was only 30 and just got wed with children, was a thin 9 stone weakling.
The juggernaut driver thought he was a wild animal, because Brond decided to do this murderous deed during the early hours of the morning.
Callously Brond was also obituries and tears to the man's pregnant wife and gave him a good funeral with the money taken from the man's pension.
The pension was just over £300.
As for the juggernaut driver, Brond sued him for negligence and got the money, why did not his pregnant wife get the cash.
Because the child was Brond's.

Chapter Five-Truely Silly

The man's wife who is called Lilly really loved the man, but the reason why the kid is Brond's is really on the sordid side.
Brond dabbles in the occult and told her that to better her life they nust go to bed together on a saturday morning.
Very convienant for Brond cos that is the time her husband is see his psycharist paid from the National Health.
The man and wife were having problems in their home life, and Brond told her let's do sex magick.
Brond is a really tall man who has really put the weight on and the woman is very tiny and willowy.
The nightmare scenerio of them toigether is like watching a First-time hooker with a seasoned john.
Stupidly Lilly had not taken her pill, but thought she can fob her husband off by saying it was his.
Why, at least they were both white.

Chapter Six-An Inside Job

One method of Duncan Brond is that he uses the current paranioa of the current sitituations to really get more followers, like 9/11, underground bombings and so forth.
He really is a very intelligent man in that field, and he does use the magikal arts to 'improve' the life of his followers.
Dect Herbert went to Brond to state that he suffered from a TV addiction, and this was the fodder of getting closer to Brond to suss him out.

That Is All I Could Find I'm Afraid...

Classic Stuff...!!!

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Re: Tiswas Novellas Re Re Visited...!!!

Post  Lady Tis-Shine on Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:57 am

I am still writing but I will be writing on more subjects not just one dimensional stuff.
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Re: Tiswas Novellas Re Re Visited...!!!

Post  John Drake on Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:13 am

More swearing required.

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Re: Tiswas Novellas Re Re Visited...!!!

Post  Everybody, Loves Sod..!!! on Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:13 pm

Damn'sod..!!! wrote: bump

For The Schmucks...!!!

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Re: Tiswas Novellas Re Re Visited...!!!

Post  McKallisti Of The Sods on Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:56 pm

LOL, My Trousers Actually Fell Off When Reading This...!!!

lmao lmao lmao
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Re: Tiswas Novellas Re Re Visited...!!!

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