And the first prize goes too...

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And the first prize goes too...

Post  beatz on Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:14 am

This place  tholms

...for having the longest running web fueds out there lol!


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Re: And the first prize goes too...

Post  Billy Ruben on Thu Jun 09, 2016 7:09 pm

beatz wrote:This place  tholms

...for having the longest running web fueds out there lol!

That would be The Tiswas Vs JD/Droike online punch and Judy show,with one guy and two hands up sock-puppets arses.

Followed closely by the fued with Billy,True Lilly and TisSod/Sod.

What amazes me is the fucker is still online and allowed to be,between us all,the TOS has been broken,defiled and raped a many a time.... It has balls Sodlike,I'll give it that.If the internet laws follow Australias lead,we'll be all going to prison,like I just done.Well,I kind of did threaten the NSW Premiere with a gunfight with the police,but hey,they threatened me first at the super-market.Fuck 'em,I'm proud to be the only political prisoner in the system.And my arse is still virginal,but only just,I gave him drugs to make him sleep and then reported the fucker,got him moved to another cell.

All was well in the end,Cost me two weeks of coffee for the Brupenimorphine.It was worth it.I smoked a third of a strip only once,I'll stick to the codeine thanks.I seen people sell half a packet of tobacco for a spewie.Made me sick.

A spewie,is when someone regurgitates their methadone and another guy drinks it...and the fucker PAYS for it ?!?!?!

I spewed up for free when I first seen it,sick fucks made me sick...and they wonder why they had Hepatitus with all the letters of the alphabet,Hep,A,B,C and the six C derivatives and Hep D,a new type...

With the odd HIV too to boot.They should just plastic bag themselves and get it over with... rolling pin aaargh
Billy Ruben

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