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Post  Billy Ruben on Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:52 pm

I'm putting a new forum together next week for the nutjobs out there.

Unlike mine,which is not open....

It's going to be 4 all of you...But any defamation without proof you'll end up in the bin,which is still open to the public.

Only Ciggy knows it's intent and what it's called,but should be up and running after Monday.

There won't be's not that sort of a place...No,it'll be a silly place...but better.than what's happened before.

White page theme,black type,forumotion style.

You can go or not,your choice.

But it'll be a kind of madness that's fun,not nasty like here...Cyas till then...

Billy Ruben
Billy Ruben

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