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Post  entrangermercenary1 on Mon May 26, 2014 2:41 pm

For wubwub after how many years of trying finally gets me banned. I would not want to be a sock in house tonite the amount of wanks he is going to have  rolf 

For the rest of you I think if you substitute the IRA for SZ  popcorn 

and a good sing along  cowbonk 

Before you start giving advice when you dont have the whole story wubwub i would keep quiet, nobody will be changing there phone number  lol!

Also my darling wubwub, seeing as I had members of my family executed by the IRA before you were even born you silly child, I think i can post about the situation with a lot more clarity and vision. Guess you found out i did what it said on the tin  rolf  popcorn 

Andy no I dont go on other forums except this one every now and again, and a football one, invite only to keep lefties, commies, the great unwashed and ob off  cheers 

Dub ffs grow a pair of balls and get of the fence ffs  r eyes 

Nettles aurevoir  cheese 

Mikeymike dirty catholic pedo priest loving cunt  noway 

Hex your ok but your music is shit  thumbs down  aaargh so dont get the strop about it as many others are going to tell you the same  whistle 

Edelwiess I will be spanking your ass later  butt   cpn  boobies  wub  or maybe wubwub will  dogshag


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