David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  MoMo on Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:25 pm

Bottom Line of what occurred at Sinai, lo those many years ago, the Power that once had been given to pictures was transferred to written words.

The Power of the Right Brain was Transferred to the Left Brain.

The Alephbet/Alphabet is the Book of Yahwehs/Bibles Eminence Grise-The unsuspected power.

Superorganisms/memes compete, as one Entelechy rises, others fall.

Of all the ANE Superorganisms/Memes, only the Jews have survivied.

Alphabetic Literacy profoundly reconfigured the relationship between the Hebrews and their Deity and between the Hebrews and their neighbours. The other ANE cultures.

The Jews have an unshakable faith.

The Religious beliefs of the Sumerians, Babylonians, Hittites, Hyskos, Hurrians, Cretans, Mittani, Assyrians, Persians, Canaanites, Ugarites, Akkadians, Egyptians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Philistines, and Roman Belief Systems have diminished greatly and most have disappeared.
The Hebrew Faith has withstood the Viscitudes of times, surviving catastrophes that should have extinguished them.

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  true lilly on Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:09 am

Billy Ruben wrote:
true lilly wrote:WAR CAVE: warkave:
and 'the rest of you'...
eBay sent this message to Suzy Ryan (warkave).

Dear warkave,

In response to your request to be reminded of your eBay User ID,

please find below the information we have on file for you.
If you didn't submit this request, ignore this email.

Your User ID is: warkave
registered email address is:

...THIS: "suzyryan@gmail", is NOT ME,
but MY 'gmail' EMAIL HIGHJACKER...

and I see 'another'
from 'my contacts
' ...after the last email I sent 'them' ...
...and as for "OCTOPUSRED" (and the varients on 'that name'),
like "ROBIN" "from MEXICO"...........mmm.......

Remember, 'artistic' and CREATIVE are NOT the same thing;
those' AT WAR against THE CREATOR, are all but devoid of
creativity, but simply, steal, take and break what has been
created, and re-form it into sick, sad, ugly and bad...and being
addicted to LIES, need simple to remember themes of, 'which'
'name' 'they' speak under-cover-of, to whom.

P.S. when David was hated and hunted by Saul, and hiding in caves,
though Saul wanted to kill David, David could have killed Saul, but
WOULD NOT, instead he left him a REMINDER of, his grace Born of
his Faithfulness to God, and so, also the King...but Saul still REJECTED
that, The Holy Spirit...and we know how that story pans out...

P.P.S. well I have always warned folk to, "pay attention to
what is NOT said
"...and that I also trust TIMING to God...
...and I did post a lot on
"The Kricket Wars"...

...yeah, hard to tell what it is, IN 'black & white",
but danged if it don't look like,
a poor school's, old,
leather cased,
bashed to death, cricket ball...
that I suppose mostly only 'old boy's'
would be, 'put in remembrance of'...

octopusrex...and oh, what Google gives you,
in WEB and IMAGES, when searching:
"octopusrex avatar david icke"...
...well that was the first Image, from here;


The posted message is too long....
...well, an awful lot shorter than most of 'el kabong's' mouldy old spam,
and many of my reminders of The Taboo Topics, but we'll play along nicely,
shall we
seems not Razz ...and so if this is STILL "too long"...mmm...
...part 2, 3, 4, whatever it takes
Rolling Eyes to come...

True Lilly,if you think "Octopusrex has significanc"...then you're mad as a hatter,he's another bloody looney,who,has "sympathies for child molesters and Space Nazi Reptiles..."

Ah, I was ready for ya...but 'you', as usual, are not ready for
a 'direct dose' of The Honest Answers...so 'you' will have to,
actually, read, explore, find and consider the answers to, The
Question, buried (as 'you' like it Rolling Eyes ), within:

LOTS (all?), of the answers are to be found in
the link in this post,
which leads to many more links, with
many more answers, that so very few seem to dare to
ask the questions of, if they even think to questions the
damnable answers, that the majority blindly accept and that
so greatly offend me.

But 'you' will continue to 'make it about me', by continuing
to complain about my giving:
'too much'/'too little' information;
'of my own'/'not of my own' words or experience;
'too cutting'/'too soft' a tone;
'too well spoken'/'too uneducated' use of language;
and well, every bit of the standard Social Manipulation tools
that WEB/NET Forums were designed and foisted upon us,
to hammer, the living spirit, out of the world with...while also,
'sifting and sorting' 'the gold from the dross'.
So drink!
It's medicine; tastes like shit, but it'll cure what ails ya!

Oh, and I probably should mention that I did notice;
WARKAVE also reads as WARK AVE.
A 'particular' address I once shared with a key 'tool'
of The Legion...many, many, (Very 'Educating'), moons ago...

...a reply to an, 'el kabong' implied threat, of a post,
intended to distract me from my task, with fear of 'them'
Razz :

...a 'useful' idiot...'how' else do 'you' want me to 'find' 'you'?
'you' aren't really giving me any better options to choose from.
See, "and another thing", below.

IF 'they' read, and COULD UNDERSTAND,
the added, extra weight, to
The Truth of God's Word,
when other posts are quoted, IN CONTEXT to RELATED Topics,
well, 'they' would not be YOUR ENEMY'S TO!

Billy Ruben wrote:Oh well,the thread lasted four post,before
being,spammed,de-railed,with off topic spam of Ankara,then the tirade of
abuse and indignity expressed in reaction to such heinous acts...

hey, not my fault 'they'/'you' keep digging pits
amongst all the snares and traps 'you'/'they' lay...
...then trip, fall in, hanging underwater,
being eaten alive by the sharks 'you'/'they'
stock the water supply with...
...in fact, I am, the one,
who cared to warn all against

such suicidally murderous folly...

true lilly wrote:WAR CAVE: warkave:

and 'the rest of you'... Razz

WAR CAVE: warkave: and 'the rest of you'...

...as to any real,
independent people who may stumble in here:

Why SOME HERE keep posting the same,
as to, what and why, I post, what and how, I do;

IF 'they' read, and COULD UNDERSTAND,
the added, extra weight, to
The Truth of God's Word,
when other posts are quoted, IN CONTEXT to RELATED Topics,
well, 'they' would not be YOUR ENEMY'S TO!

...but nah,
the dergs are too busy hacking my posts,
to read them
Rolling Eyes

...and another thing...

WHERE IS "THAT" Post in which I comprehensively answered
'el kabong's' SPAMMED LIE that, "I" claimed, Australia to be
'bigger' than other continents?

Not only was that, usual type of 'spin and twist', 'put to' the actual
content, context and message of my posts, clearly false, but it inspired me
to drop a few more HOME TRUTHS as to what sort of bitterly sick, twisted
creatures are obsessed with attacking those who have a giving heart...
...was that what did it; the likely, 'little penis/sloppy vagina', explanation
for 'el kabong's' obsession with "size"?

Surely the extra weight I added to the case I've been making, wouldn't
have caused the deletion of what I've shown and explained to so many,
for so long, as that is all still out there in the public domain...yep, must
have really stung
Crying or Very sad that misplaced personal pride , I reckon... Wink
true lilly

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Mizraim means Egypt. Zion is Israel, NOT Australia

Post  MoMo on Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:02 am

Mizraim means Egypt. Zion is Israel, NOT Australia thumbs up

Europe is a LARGER Continent then Australia. As a matter of FACT; Australia is the SMALLEST/RUNT Continent. And as large it may be, the size of your EGO makes it uncomfortably confining. But hey, that's only one of your many lies and deceptions. Let's talk about Mizraim, the Hebrew word for Egypt. You say it isn't. Where is your credentialed support for your ignorant nonsense? thumbs up


Meaning and etymology of the name Mizraim

Mizraim is a son of Ham, son of Noah (Genesis 12:10). This name is also the common name for Egypt (which is also known as 'the land of Ham,', for instance in Psalm 105:23).

Egypt was known by the names Musuru, Musru, Misir or Masri in other languages, and Mizraim is probably simply a phonetic transliteration into Hebrew of any of them. The word looks identical to what a dual form of would look like (see below). This duality possibly helped to denote Upper and Lower Egypt. The word for Egyptian is .

The similar (masor), a poetic nickname for Egypt that is used on three different occasions (Isaiah 19:6, 2 Kings 19:24 = Isaiah 37:25, Micah 7:12), may shed some understanding on how a Hebrew audience might have interpreted the name Mizraim.

The noun (masor) means siege, entrenchment, and it derives from the verb (sur), bind, besiege. Another derivation of this same verb is the noun , stronghold. HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament notes that a stronghold or walled city may be an instrument of protection during the first stages of a war, but will turn into a lethal trap if a siege last long. A beautiful figurative use of this word occurs in Psalm 31:21, where the author compares himself under siege by his troubles.

The verb from which the noun derives, is part of a group of five different roots. These roots all have different linguistic sources but were perhaps readily incorporated into the Hebrew language due to similar or related meanings, more or less:
(swr) is the assumed root of the words (sawwar), neck and (sawwaron), necklace. The neck is simply a part of the body, but figuratively it is used as seat of strength (Job 39:19) and subsequently as target of defeat (by the placing of the victor's foot on the neck of the conquered - Joshua 10:24). The similarity between a necklace and a besieging army is obvious.
The verb (sur) means to bind or besiege; referred to above.
The verb (sur) means show hostility to, be an adversary. According to BDB Theological Dictionary and HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, this verb is probably a by-form of (sarar), see below.
The verb (sur) means to form or fashion. According to HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, this verb is possibly a by-form of (yasar), form or fashion.
The noun (sur) does not occur in the Bible, but is probably related to words in cognate languages that mean rock or hill. A derivative that does occur in the Bible is (sur), the common Biblical word for rock. BDB Theological Dictionary suggests relations with (sara), see below.

The words and are linguistically closely related. Their respective meanings also shows much kinship:
The verb (sarar) means to bind, be narrow/ confined, be in distress. Derivatives are: (sar), narrow, tight; (sar), distress; (sara), straights, distress; (sarar), suffer distress; (seror), bundle; (mesar), straights, distress. The latter word written in a dual form would yield the name , Mizraim. Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names assumed that this is what Mizraim would have meant to a Hebrew audience and reads Double Distress.
The verb (sarar) means show hostility towards. Derivation (sar) means adversary.
The assumed root (srr) is unused in the Bible but in Arabic it means be sharp. Its common derivative is (sar), pebble, flint.

The name Mizraim means Double Distress or Double Stronghold.

Bible Dictionary

Mizraim definition

the dual form of matzor, meaning a "mound" or "fortress," the name of a people descended from Ham (Gen. 10:6, 13; 1 Chr. 1:8, 11). It was the name generally given by the Hebrews to the land of Egypt (q.v.), and may denote the two Egypts, the Upper and the Lower. The modern Arabic name for Egypt is Muzr.

Mizraim From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mizraim (Hebrew: מִצְרַיִם / מִצְרָיִם, Modern Mitzráyim Tiberian Miṣrāyim / Miṣráyim ; cf. Arabic مصر, Miṣr) is the Hebrew name for the land of Egypt, with the dual suffix -āyim, perhaps referring to the "two Egypts": Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

Ugaritic inscriptions refer to Egypt as Msrm, in the Amarna tablets it is called Misri, and Assyrian and Babylonian records called Egypt Musur and Musri. The Arabic word for Egypt is Misr (pronounced Masr in Egyptian colloquial Arabic), and Egypt's official name is Gumhuriyah Misr al-'Arabiyah (the Arab Republic of Egypt).

According to Genesis 10, Mizraim (a son of Ham) was the younger brother of Cush and elder brother of Phut and Canaan, whose families together made up the Hamite branch of Noah's descendants. Mizraim's sons were Ludim, Anamim, Lehabim, Naphtuhim, Pathrusim, Casluhim (out of whom came Philistim), and Caphtorim.[1]

According to Eusebius' Chronicon, Manetho had suggested that the great age of antiquity in which the later Egyptians boasted had actually preceded the flood, and that they were really descended from Mizraim, who settled there anew. A similar story is related by medieval Islamic historians such as Sibt ibn al-Jawzi, the Egyptian Ibn Abd-el-Hakem, and the Persians al-Tabari and Muhammad Khwandamir, stating that the pyramids, etc. had been built by the wicked races before the deluge, but that Noah's descendant Mizraim (Masar or Mesr) was entrusted with reoccupying the region afterward. The Islamic accounts also make Masar the son of a Bansar or Beisar and grandson of Ham, rather than a direct son of Ham, and add that he lived to the age of 700. Some scholars think it likely that Mizraim is a dual form of the word Misr meaning "land", and was translated literally into Ancient Egyptian as Ta-Wy (the Two Lands) by early pharaohs at Thebes, who later founded the Middle Kingdom.

But according to George Syncellus, the Book of Sothis, supposedly by Manetho, had identified Mizraim with the legendary first pharaoh Menes, said to have unified the Old Kingdom and built Memphis. Misraim also seems to correspond to Misor, said in Phoenician mythology to have been father of Taautus who was given Egypt, and later scholars noticed that this also recalls Menes, whose son or successor was said to be Athothis.

In Judaism, Mitzrayim has been connected with the word meitzar (מיצר), meaning "sea strait", possibly alluding to narrow gulfs from both sides of Sinai peninsula. It also can mean "boundaries, limits, restrictions" or "narrow place".[citation needed]

However, author David Rohl has suggested a different interpretation: "Amongst the followers of Meskiagkasher [Cush] was his younger 'brother' -- in his own right a strong and charismatic leader of men. He is the head of the falcon tribe -- the descendants of Horus the 'Far Distant'. The Bible calls this new Horus-king 'Mizraim' but this name is, in reality, no more than an epithet. It means 'follower of Asr' or 'Asar' (Arabic m-asr with the Egyptian preposition m 'from'). Mizraim is merely m-Izra with the majestic plural ending 'im'. Likewise, that other great Semitic-speaking people -- the Assyrians -- called the country of the pharaohs 'Musri' (m-Usri)." [2]

Genesis 10 - The Table of Nations
The tenth chapter of Genesis . . . stands absolutely alone in ancient literature, without a remote parallel, even among the Greeks, where we find the closest approach to a distribution of peoples in genealogical framework . . . The Table of Nations remains an astonishing accurate document. (William F. Albright, cited in Boice)

A. The descendants of Japheth.

1. (1) The three sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

Now this is the genealogy of the sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. And sons were born to them after the flood.

2. (2) The sons of Japheth: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech, and Tiras.

The sons of Japheth were Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech, and Tiras.

a. The sons of Japheth: He was the father of the Indo-European peoples, those stretching from India to the shores of Western Europe. They are each linked by linguistic similarities that often seem invisible to the layman but are much more obvious to the linguist.

b. Gomer: From this son of Japheth came the Germanic peoples, from whom came most of the original peoples of Western Europe. These include the original French, Spanish, and Celtic settlers.

c. Magog . . . Tubal, Meshech: These settled in the far north of Europe and became the Russian peoples.

d. Madai: From this son of Japheth came the ancient Medes and they populated what are now Iran and Iraq. The peoples of India also came from this branch of Japheth’s family.

e. Javan: From this son of Japheth came the ancient Greeks, whose sea-faring ways are described in Genesis 10:5.

3. (3) The sons of Gomer.

The sons of Gomer were Ashkenaz, Riphath, and Togarmah.

a. Ashkenaz: From this son of Gomer came the peoples who settled north of Judea into what we call the Fertile Crescent.

b. Togarmah: From this son of Gomer came the Armenians.

4. (4-5) The sons of Javan (the ancient Greeks).

The sons of Javan were Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim. From these the coastland peoples of the Gentiles were separated into their lands, everyone according to his language, according to their families, into their nations.

a. The sons of Javan were: Geographic names that spring from these names in this chapter abound. Linguists have no trouble seeing the connection between Kittim and Cyprus, Rodanim and Rhodes, Gomer and Germany, Meschech and Moscow, Tubal and Tobolsk.

B. The descendants of Ham.

1. (6) The sons of Ham: Cush, Mizraim, Put, and Canaan.

The sons of Ham were Cush, Mizraim, Put, and Canaan.

a. Ham: The descendants of Ham are the peoples who populated Africa and the Far East.

b. Cush: Apparently, this family divided into two branches early. Some founded Babylon (notably, Nimrod) and others founded Ethiopia.

c. Mizraim: This is another way the Bible refers to Egypt. Put refers to Libya, the region of North Africa west of Egypt. Canaan refers to the peoples who originally settled the land we today think of as Israel and its surrounding regions.
2. (7-12) The sons of Cush.

The sons of Cush were Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, and Sabtechah; and the sons of Raamah were Sheba and Dedan. Cush begot Nimrod; he began to be a mighty one on the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord; therefore it is said, “Like Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord.” And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, Erech, Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. From that land he went to Assyria and built Nineveh, Rehoboth Ir, Calah, and Resen between Nineveh and Calah (that is the principal city).

a. Cush begot Nimrod: One son of Cush worthy of note is Nimrod. He was a mighty one on the earth, but not in a good way. He ruled over Babel, which was the first organized rebellion of humans against God. The name Nimrod itself means, “let us rebel.”

b. Like Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord: The context shows that this is not a compliment of Nimrod. The idea is that Nimrod was an offense before the face of God.

i. “This is not talking about Nimrod’s ability to hunt wild game. He was not a hunter of animals. He was a hunter of men - a warrior. It was through his ability to fight and kill and rule ruthlessly that his kingdom of the Euphrates valley city states was consolidated.” (Boice)

ii. A Jerusalem Targum says: “He was powerful in hunting and in wickedness before the Lord, for he was a hunter of the sons of men, and he said to them, ‘Depart from the judgment of the Lord, and adhere to the judgment of Nimrod!’ Therefore it is said: ‘As Nimrod the strong one, strong in hunting, and in wickedness before the Lord.’ ”

iii. Ginzberg quotes from a Jewish legend: “The great success that attended all of Nimrod’s undertakings produced a sinister effect. Men no longer trusted in God, but rather in their own prowess and ability, an attitude to which Nimrod tried to convert the whole world.”

iv. “Hence it is likely that Nimrod, having acquired power, used it in tyranny and oppression; and by rapine and violence founded the domination which was the first distinguished by the name of a kingdom on the face of the earth. How many kingdoms have been founded in the same way, in various ages and nations from that time to the present! From the Nimrods of the earth, God deliver the world!” (Clarke)

3. (13-14) The sons of Mizraim.

Mizraim begot Ludim, Anamim, Lehabim, Naphtuhim, Pathrusim, and Casluhim (from whom came the Philistines and Caphtorim).

4. (15-19) The sons of Canaan.

Canaan begot Sidon his firstborn, and Heth; the Jebusite, the Amorite, and the Girgashite; the Hivite, the Arkite, and the Sinite; the Arvadite, the Zemarite, and the Hamathite. Afterward the families of the Canaanites were dispersed. And the border of the Canaanites was from Sidon as you go toward Gerar, as far as Gaza; then as you go toward Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim, as far as Lasha.

a. Canaan begot Sidon: The family of Sidon, the son of Canaan, went north and is related to the Hittites and Lebanese.

b. And the Sinite: Many people believe the Oriental peoples descended from the Sinites.

5. (20) The spread of the descendants of Ham.

These were the sons of Ham, according to their families, according to their languages, in their lands and in their nations.

C. The descendants of Shem.

1. (21-22) The sons of Shem: Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud, and Aram.

And children were born also to Shem, the father of all the children of Eber, the brother of Japheth the elder. The sons of Shem were Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud, and Aram.

a. Children were born also to Shem: From Shem comes Elam, who was an ancestor to the Persian peoples; Asshur, who was the father of the Assyrians; Lud was father to the Lydians who lived for a time in Asia Minor; and Aram was father to the Arameans, who we also know as the Syrians. Arphaxad was the ancestor to Abram and the Hebrews.

2. (23) The sons of Aram.

The sons of Aram were Uz, Hul, Gether, and Mash.

a. Uz: Later, a region in Arabia was named after this son of Aram.

Job came from the land of Uz (Job 1:1).

3. (24-30) The sons and descendants of Arphaxad.

Arphaxad begot Salah, and Salah begot Eber. To Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided; and his brother’s name was Joktan. Joktan begot Almodad, Sheleph, Hazarmaveth, Jerah, Hadoram, Uzal, Diklah, Obal, Abimael, Sheba, Ophir, Havilah, and Jobab. All these were the sons of Joktan. And their dwelling place was from Mesha as you go toward Sephar, the mountain of the east.

a. All these were the sons of Joktan: The names under the son of Joktan (son of Eber, son of Salah, son of Arphaxad) are all associated with various Arabic peoples.

b. And Jobab: The one named Jobab may be the one we know as Job in the Old Testament.

4. (31) The spread of the descendants of Shem.

These were the sons of Shem, according to their families, according to their languages, in their lands, according to their nations.
5. (32) Summary statement: the nations after the flood.

These were the families of the sons of Noah, according to their generations, in their nations; and from these the nations were divided on the earth after the flood.

a. “Hence one must consider this chapter of Genesis a mirror in which to discern that we human beings are, namely, creatures so marred by sin that we have no knowledge of our own origin, not even of God Himself, our Creator, unless the Word of God reveals these sparks of divine light to us from afar . . . This knowledge the Holy Scriptures reveal to us. Those who are without them live in error, uncertainty, and boundless ungodliness; for they have no knowledge about who they are and whence they came.” (Luther, cited in Boice)
thumbs up


thumbs up popcorn

You also deceive about the Replacement/Superssessionism Theology......This is Strike 3 and a few more to go. thumbs up


The Truth

We believe Israel is God's special people, distinct from the body of Messiah, chosen by Him to be a holy nation and a Kingdom of priests. The election of Israel is irrevocable. . . . We believe the Abrahamic Covenant is an irrevocable, unconditional covenant God made with Jewish people. This covenant provides title to the land of Israel for the Jewish people and promises a descendant (the Messiah) who would come to redeem Israel and bless the entire world. The spiritual blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant overflow to all the nations. God will ultimately fulfill every aspect of the covenant in the Messianic Kingdom, both physical and spiritual. . . .
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Your LIE!!!!!!!


The meaning of this doctrine is that the church superseded or replaced Israel as God's covenant people. The three claims presented under this heading are:
1. God has rejected Israel,
2. the church has replaced Israel as God's covenant people, and
3. the church is therefore spiritual Israel.

If God has rejected Israel, then that clears the way for a replacement people; and if that people is the church, then the church may be considered spiritual Israel. It is also conceivable that some who believe that Israel is still God's covenant people would consider the church spiritual Israel because it is composed of people whose spirits have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. We will now hold the light of Scripture to these claims and possibilities.
thumbs down

Paul follows his emphatic response with, for I too am an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. . . . What is his point? If God had rejected Israel as His covenant people, then every Israelite would be disqualified from the possibility of being saved; yet he is an Israelite who is saved, and that proves that God has not rejected His people.

To sum up, we have noticed two proofs that God has not rejected Israel as His covenant people:
1. By the very meaning of May it never be! in the way that Paul used it in different contexts.
2. By the fact that Paul was a saved Israelite.

Nevertheless, we'll address several passages that need clarification.

b. Romans 11:1-5

1. I say then, God has not rejected His people, has He? May it never be! For I too am an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. 2. God has not rejected His people whom He foreknew. Or do you not know what the Scripture says in the passage about Elijah, how he pleads with God against Israel? 3. "Lord, THEY HAVE KILLED YOUR PROPHETS, THEY HAVE TORN DOWN YOUR ALTARS, AND I ALONE AM LEFT, AND THEY ARE SEEKING MY LIFE." 4. But what is the divine response to him? "I HAVE KEPT for Myself SEVEN THOUSAND MEN WHO HAVE NOT BOWED THE KNEE TO BAAL." 5. In the same way then, there has also come to be at the present time a remnant according to God's gracious choice.

Replacement Theology

Its Origins, Teachings and Errors

By Dr. Gary Hedrick, President of CJF Ministries

(With Minor Editing By Rabbi Loren)



These are serious errors/deformations in your Theology and Worldview. What do you have to say for yourself. You gibber on and on about being persecuted yet you, yourself; are the persecuter. You lie about the Jews and their Sacred scriptures and you attempt to steal their identity and destiny, without being able to read/write Hebrew. Your ignorance and hubris is appalling Capiche? thumbs up

thumbs up




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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  MoMo on Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:07 am

Zion/Zionism thumbs up



Some theologies, e.g., ancient Epicureanism and modern Deism, believe in a god, or gods, but think they have nothing much to do with the world in which we live. Others, like Stoicism, believe that god, or “the divine,” or “the sacred” is simply a dimension of our world, so that “god” and the world end up being pretty much the same thing. Both of these can give birth to practical or theoretical atheism. The first can let its “god” get so far away that he disappears. This is what happened with Marx and Feuerbach in the nineteenth century, allowing the “absentee landlord” of eighteenth-century Deism to become simply an absentee. The second can get so used to various “gods” around the place that it ceases to care much about them. This is what happened with a good deal of ancient paganism in Greece and Rome, until, as Pliny wryly remarks, the arrival of Christianity stirred up pagans to a fresh devotion to their gods.[9]

The Jews believed in a quite different “god.” This god, YHWH, “the One Who Is,” the Sovereign One, was not simply the objectification of forces and drives within the world, but was the maker of all that exists. Several biblical books, or parts thereof, are devoted to exploring the difference between YHWH and the pagan idols: Daniel, Isaiah 40-55, and a good many Psalms spring obviously to mind. The theme is summed up in the Jewish daily prayer: “YHWH our God, YHWH is one!”[10]

Classic Jewish monotheism, then, believed that (a) there was one God, who created heaven and earth and who remained in close and dynamic relation with his creation; and that (b) this God had called Israel to be his special people. This twin belief, tested to the limit and beyond through Israel’s checkered career, was characteristically expressed through a particular narrative: the chosen people were also the rescued people, liberated from slavery in Egypt, marked out by the gift of Torah, established in their land, exiled because of disobedience, but promised a glorious return and final settlement. Jewish-style monotheism meant living in this story and trusting in this one true God, the God of creation and covenant, of Exodus and Return.

This God was utterly different from the pantheist’s “one god.” This is an important point to note: many, including many scholars, have blithely assumed that because Stoics and others talked about “one god” they were saying the same thing as the Jews. This God was also utterly different from the far-away ultra-transcendent gods of the Epicureans. Always active within his world, did he not feed the young ravens when they called upon him?[11]—he could be trusted to act more specifically on behalf of Israel. His eventual overthrow of pagan power at the political would be the revelation of his overthrow of the false gods of the nations. His vindication of his people, liberating them finally from all their oppressors, would also be the vindication of his own name and reputation. In justifying his people, he would himself be justified. In his righteousness, his covenant faithfulness, they would find their own.

This monotheism was never, in our period, an inner analysis of the being of the one God. It was always a way of saying, frequently at great risk: our God is the true God, and your gods are worthless idols. It was a way of holding on to hope. We can see the dynamic of this monotheism working its way out in the manifold crises of second-temple Judaism, with the Maccabees, Judas the Galilean, and above all the two wars of the late 60s and early 130s A.D. revealing how the creational and covenantal theology and worldview remained at work through the period and in different groups.

This God was both other than the world and continually active within it. The words “transcendent” and “immanent,” we should note, are pointers to this double belief, but do not clarify it much. Because this God is thus simultaneously other than his people and present with them, Jews of Jesus’ day had developed several ways of speaking about the activity of this God in which they attempted to hold together, because they dared not separate, these twin truths. Emboldened by deep-rooted traditions, they explored what appears to us a strange, swirling sense of a rhythm of mutual relations within the very being of the one God: a to-and-fro, a give-and-take, a command-and-obey, a sense of love poured out and love received. God’s Spirit broods over the waters, God’s Word goes forth to produce new life, God’s Law guides his people, God’s Presence or Glory dwells with them in fiery cloud, in tabernacle and temple. These four ways of speaking moved to and fro from metaphor to trembling reality-claim and back again. They enabled Jews to speak simultaneously of God’s sovereign supremacy and his intimate presence, of his unapproachable holiness and his self-giving compassionate love.

Best known of all is perhaps a fifth. God’s Wisdom is his handmaid in creation, the firstborn of his works, his chief of staff, his delight. God’s Wisdom is another way of talking about God present with his people in the checkered careers of the patriarchs and particularly in the events of the Exodus. Wisdom becomes closely aligned thereby with Torah and Shekinah.[12] Through the Lady Wisdom of Proverbs 1-8, the creator has fashioned everything, especially the human race. To embrace Wisdom is therefore to discover the secret of being truly human, of reflecting God’s image.[13]............................Out of all this, I have argued in various places that we can, as historians, properly reconstruct Jesus of Nazareth’s sense of vocation. We can study John the Baptist’s vocation, and Paul’s: why should we not study Jesus’? When we do so, we find that dozens and dozens of lines of inquiry converge to produce a well ordered, coherent, historically credible sense of vocation, emerging in central symbolic actions, hinted at in a hundred cryptic and teasing sayings. Jesus believed he was Israel’s Messiah, the one in whom Israel’s history was to be summed up. Jesus believed he would win the messianic victory over the real enemy and would build the true messianic temple through taking Israel’s fate upon himself and going to the cross. Jesus believed that in doing so he was not just pointing to or talking about, but was actually embodying, the return of YHWH to Zion. These, though striking and startling, emerge from the world of Second Temple Judaism like the flower growing suddenly out of the plant. They were not expected, but upon inspection this is where they belonged. All the elements of the package were around somewhere in the culture. They are not, repeat not, a retrojection of later Christian theology, not even of later NT theology, which by and large developed in other legitimate ways. They are only credible, but they are totally credible, as the historically reconstructed mindset of Jesus himself. And they form, not the substance of later atonement and incarnational theology, but its historical starting point.


I have argued elsewhere that a central feature of Jewish expectation, and kingdom expectation at that, in Jesus’ time was the hope that YHWH would return in person to Zion. Having abandoned Jerusalem at the time of the exile, his return was delayed, but he would come back at last. Within this context, someone who told cryptic stories about a king or a master who went away, left his servants with tasks to perform, and then returned to see how they were getting on must—not “might,” must point to this controlling, over-arching metanarrative. Of course, the later Church, forgetting the first century Jewish context, read such stories as though they were originally about Jesus himself going away and then returning in a “second coming.” Of course, cautious scholars noticing this, deny that Jesus would have said such things. I propose that here at the heart of Jesus’ work, and at the moment of its climax, Jesus not only told stories about the king, who came back to Zion to judge and to save. He acted as though he thought the stories were coming true in what he himself was accomplishing. This is the context, at last, in which I think it best to approach the question with which this essay began.........................................And Jesus seems to have believed it about himself. The language was deeply coded, but the symbolic action was not. He was coming to Zion, doing what YHWH had promised to do. He explained his action with riddles all pointing in the same direction. Recognize this, and you start to see it all over the place, especially in parables and actions whose other layers have preoccupied us. Why, after all, does Jesus tell a story about a yearning father in order to account for his own behavior?[36] It is this that also accounts for his sovereign attitude to Torah, his speaking on behalf of Wisdom, and his announcement of forgiveness of sins.[37] By themselves none of these would be conclusive. Even if they are allowed to stand as words and actions of Jesus, they remain cryptic. But predicate them of the same young man who is then on his way to Jerusalem to confront the powers that be with the message and the action of the kingdom of God and who tells stories as he does which are best interpreted as stories of YHWH returning to Zion, then you have reached. I believe, the deep heart of Jesus’ own sense of vocation. He believed himself called to do and be what in the scriptures only Israel’s God did and was.

..................................What are we therefore saying about the earthly Jesus? In Jesus himself, I suggest we see the biblical portrait of YHWH come to life: the loving God, rolling up his sleeves (Isa 52:10) to do in person the job that no one else could do, the creator God giving new life the God who works through his created world and supremely through his human creatures, the faithful God dwelling in the midst of his people, the stern and tender God relentlessly opposed to all that destroys or distorts the good creation, and especially human beings, but recklessly loving all those in need and distress. “He shall feed his flock like a shepherd; he shall carry the lambs in his arms; and gently lead those that are with young” (Isa 40:11). It is the OT portrait of YHWH, but it fits Jesus like a glove. ...............

Apparently you don't know shit about 'ZION'.
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The Kingdom of Elohim is represented by Tsiyon (pronounced Tsee-yone or Zion in English), a literal place in Jerusalem, that symbolizes a spiritual place, the seat of Mashiyach's government on this earth. Originally Zion was a small location in Jerusalem, then it became a code name for the whole city of Jerusalem.

For it is said in the Scripture, “Behold, in Tsiyon I lay a chosen and precious stone for the head of the corner; and whoever believes in him will not be ashamed.” On you therefore who believe is this honor conferred: but to them who do not believe “he is a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.” And they stumble at it because they believe not the Word from where they were appointed. But you are an elect race, officiating as priests of the Kingdom; a Set Apart people, a redeemed congregation; that you should proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness to his precious light: who formerly were not counted as a people but now are the people of Elohim; and also, there were (once) no mercies on you but now mercies are poured out upon you. My beloved, I entreat you as strangers and pilgrims, separate yourselves from all lusts of the body, for they war against the soul. And let your behavior be honorable before all men; so that they who utter evil speeches against you, may see your good actions and may praise Elohim in the day of trial. And be submissive to all the sons of men, for Elohim’s sake; to kings, on account of their authority; and to judges because they are sent by him for the punishment of offenders, and for the praise of them that do well. For so is the will of Elohim, that by your good deeds you may stop the mouth of the foolish who do not know Elohim: As free men, you are not like men who make their freedom a cloak for their wickedness, but as the servants of Elohim. 1 Peter 2:6-16

Throughout Scripture we read of a Kingdom that is not of this earth, but it is shaped from the pattern that is in Heaven. The tabernacle in the wilderness was built according to the specifications that YHWH gave to Moses and within that tabernacle, each of the physical elements are symbols of the spiritual or heavenly Kingdom. It is also interesting to note that Zion is mentioned in 153 verses in the Tanakh... this is the same number of fish the disciples caught in John 21:11. The symbolism is clear, Yeshua taught his disciples how to build the Kingdom of Heaven, as opposed to a religion "about" the Kingdom of Heaven, a very big difference.

We are being trained to know what Tsiyon is, and what it is not. No religion or people's groups have exclusive rights to Tsiyon, it belongs to the people of Mashiyach regardless of religion, race, color or creed. The Government of Tsiyon is on the shoulder of Mashiyach. Mashiyach is returning to the Mount of Olives from whence he departed, but this time round Scripture tells us he will be Mashiyach Ben David a much different scenario than when he first came to earth.

There is the Israel of Elohim (spiritual) and there is the other kingdom of Israel of the flesh. Not all who are Israel of the flesh are the Israel of Elohim. If we can look at Jews, Christians or Muslims without judging them by their religion or race, then we are getting closer to ZION, as how it is revealed in Mashiyach. The Kingdom of Elohim is a government, NOT a religion.

Tsiyon is also the place in our neshama (spirit) where we connect with Mashiyach where our heart receives and gives love for all of Creation, where we can see all others through the eyes of Mashiyach and carry no prejudice towards anyone. The Kingdom is within us, it is not an external government or religion.

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You're claim that Israel is an insignificant strip of sand illuminates your ignorance. Israel is the Left/Western Arm of the fertile Crescent..........the Israelites have even made the southern desert areas bloom due to hard work, a foreign concept to you. thumbs up


What is Zionism?
Zionism is the political movement that is implementing the national liberation of the Jewish people. It is based on the assertion that the Jewish people, like any other people, has the right to self-determination; Jews have a right to a national home in their historic homeland. Zionism has made a reality of the "impossible" project of restoration of the Jewish people to our homeland, after nearly 2,000 years of exile. The work of Zionism is far from complete, however.

Zionism has always been a part of Judaism
The ideological and cultural foundations of Zionism have always been present in Jewish tradition. Jews always thought of themselves as a nation or people. The concept of "am Yisrael" - the "people of Israel" or "nation of Israel," has been inherent in Jewish culture from ancient times. Jewish cultural and religious life always centered around the land of Israel. This did not change during two millennia of dispersion.

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Lecture 58: Psalm 122 – "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" (Part I)

(1) A Song of Ascents of David.

1 I was glad when they said to me:

We are going to the house of the Lord.

(2) Our feet were standing

within your gates, O Jerusalem.

(3) Jerusalem that is built.

It is like a city that is united together.

2 (4) For the tribes went up there, the tribes of the Lord,

a testimony to Israel, to give thanks to the name of the Lord.

(5) For there they sat on thrones for judgment,

the thrones of the house of David.

3 (6) Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

May they prosper who love you.

(7) May peace be within your walls,

prosperity within your palaces.

4 (Cool For my brothers' and companions' sakes

may I now say: Peace be within you.

(9) For the sake of the house of the Lord our God,

I will seek your good.

I was a still a youngster during the Six Day War. On the third day of the war, which fell out on Wednesday, 28 Iyar 5727, the shelling of Jerusalem abated and we left our bomb shelter and went home. During the afternoon, while listening to reports about the fighting coming from the old, massive radio in our house, the program suddenly stopped, and in a tremulous voice the broadcaster announced that the Old City of Jerusalem had been liberated. Twice, the broadcaster repeated the announcement, and silence fell upon our house.

Immediately following his announcement, the broadcaster read psalm 122 in the book of Tehillim: "Our feet were standing within your gates, O Jerusalem. Jerusalem that is built. It is like a city that is united together," and I was sure that the psalm had been specially written in the book of Tehillim for this exalted moment. This was followed by the playing of Naomi Shemer's "Jerusalem of Gold," which we had first heard three weeks earlier on the night following Yom Ha-Atzma'ut. It was clear to me that the song was composed in anticipation of the liberation of Jerusalem, in order to stir up yearnings in our heart for the city that had been taken captive and swallowed up by the Arab legions.

Rarely does a chapter of Scripture enjoy current significance as sharply as at that moment. This is the force of the psalms of Tehillim; even though they had been written for their own time and their own place, readers across the generations have found in them expressions of their own sentiments, even when these expressions do not accord with the plain meaning of the psalm.

In anticipation of 28 Iyar, Jerusalem Liberation Day, forty-three years following the event described above, I wish to return to psalm 122 in order to examine it for its own sake, to understand the plain meaning of its verses, to properly divide it into stanzas, to recognize its structure, and from all this, to grasp its unique message. But whether I want to or not, all of this literary analysis will perforce be carried out under the impressions left by the youthful experiences that I had along with the rest of the members of that generation.


A general question can be raised regarding our psalm: what is the historical-social reality that gave rise to it? Put differently, What are the circumstances in which or for which our psalm was composed?

This psalm is one of the few psalms in the book of Tehillim regarding which the body of the psalm seems to be ill-suited to its heading. The heading reads, "A Song of Ascents of David,"[1] whereas the body of the psalm describes a pilgrimage to the house of the Lord and the tribes going up to Jerusalem. As we all know, David did not build God's Temple, and thus in his time the tribes did not go up three times a year to the place that God chose. Moreover, the psalm describes Jerusalem as the place of "the thrones of the house of David," implying that the descendants of David were already sitting on the royal throne in Jerusalem.

This contradiction appears to underlie R. Yehoshua ben Levi's words in Makkot (10a):

R. Yehoshua ben Levi said: What is that which is written: "A Song of Ascents of David. I was glad when they said to me: We are going to the house of the Lord"? David said before the Holy One, blessed be He: Master of the universe, I have heard people saying, ‘When will this old man die, so that his son Shlomo will come and build the Temple and we will go on pilgrimage,’ and I was glad.

According to this, "I was glad" is David's reaction to the things he heard the members of his generation saying about him: "[When] will we be going to the house of the Lord?" Needless to say, this solution was proposed in a midrashic vein, and was never intended to account for the plain sense of the psalm.[2]

The solution adopted by many of the commentators trying to uncover the plain sense of the text is that David composed our psalm on behalf of future generations. But the question remains - for which generations?

1) The Radak and R. Yeshaya explain that "our psalm was recited by the members of the exile. Owing to their great yearning for the rebuilding of the Temple, they would mention Israel's festival pilgrimages and they would speak in the voice of their ancestors who lived during the period of the Temple" (wording of the Radak).

The Meiri (in one of his two explanations) offers a similar explanation - that "this psalm should be understood as referring to the members of the exile… He prophesies about the tidings of redemption, that when the time of redemption comes and the voice of salvation goes forth, the people's joy over the tidings will be great. And in order to magnify the superiority of the salvation, he speaks at length of the praises of Jerusalem, saying: 'Our feet were standing…,' That is, when you were in your fullness."[3]

Explanations of this sort, which understand the psalms in the book of Tehillim as prophecies uttered for the sake of the members of the exile, are very common in the commentaries of the Rishonim, and they stem from the desire to turn the book of Tehillim into one that expresses the sentiments of the Jewish people during the period in which these commentators lived. However, an examination of the text of the psalm reveals no hint whatsoever to the exile![4]

2) In our study of psalm 44,[5] we mentioned the view of R. Moshe Ha-Kohen Gikitila regarding the book of Tehillim, "that this book contains no prophecy about the future… all the psalms attributed to the sons of Korach were written by one of the singers descending from the children of Heman who were in Babylonia, for their words indicate exile."[6] These words conceal two assumptions that are exceptional in the traditional commentaries: a) the psalms of Tehilim that reflect historical events were written by poets who experienced these events and lived in the generations in which they occurred. b) The book of Tehilim includes psalms that were written the entire length of the biblical period, until the exile to Babylonia and the return from it. In order to support this view, R. Moshe makes great efforts to match the time implied by the contents of each of the psalms to the time of the author mentioned in the headings of those psalms.[7]

It is obvious, then, that R. Moshe could not accept the solution proposed by the commentators above, that David composed the psalm by way of prophecy regarding the distant future. How then did R. Moshe resolve the contradiction between the content of our psalm, which reflects a reality in which the Temple is standing, and the mention of David in its heading?

The Ibn Ezra, who often cites from R. Moshe's commentary (which was written in Arabic), quotes from it at the beginning of his own commentary to our psalm:

R. Moshe said that David composed this song so that it would be recited with the [other] songs in the house of God when it would be built.

He also agrees, then, that David composed this psalm so that it should be recited in the future – not for distant generations, the people living in exile or those living at the time of the Third Temple, but rather for the near generations, people living in David's own time who would merit to see the building of the Temple in the days of his son Shlomo.

R. Moshe's assumption frees him from having to attribute prophecy to David. Surely David knew from Natan the prophet that his son Shlomo would build the Temple. And just as David prepared the materials with which his son would build the Temple, as is described at length in Divrei Ha-yamim I 22, so too he prepared the songs that would be recited in the house of God after it was built.

3) The commentators whom we have brought thus far all assume that the mention of David's name in the psalm's heading testifies to the fact that he is the author of the psalm. It stands to reason that this is true about most of the psalms in the book of Tehillim whose headings include one or more names of people. There are, however, certain psalms regarding which it is more reasonable to assume that the heading contains a dedication of the psalm to the person mentioned therein. Thus, for example, the heading of psalm 127, "A Song of Ascents of Shlomo (li-Shelomo)," is understood by the Ibn Ezra as follows: "For Shlomo, like, 'And for Levi he said' (Devarim 33:Cool. This song was composed by one of the singers for Shlomo." The Radak proposes a similar explanation. The heading of psalm 72, "Li-Shlomo," was understood by the commentators in similar fashion - for Shlomo. Accordingly, it is not impossible that the heading "Le-David" should also sometimes be understood as "for David - in his honor."[8]

If we understand the psalm's heading in this manner, there is no reason to attribute our psalm to a period during which the Temple was not standing, neither to the period of David nor to the period of the exile. Our psalm very clearly reflects the experience of making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and it is therefore reasonable to assume that its author participated in this uplifting experience.[9] And how appropriate it is that this unknown psalmist should have dedicated his song to David! It was David who dedicated his life to the construction of the Temple,[10] and it was he who established a dynasty of kings who ruled generation after generation – "the thrones of the house of David."[11]

In any event, it may be argued that our psalm is the song of pilgrims to Jerusalem who went up to the house of God. And indeed, during the Second Temple period, pilgrims to Jerusalem recited the verses of our psalm, as will be demonstrated below.


The only description of pilgrimages to Jerusalem during the Second Temple period that has been preserved in rabbinic literature – in the Mishna, the Tosefta and the Jerusalem Talmud – relates not to pilgrimages made on the three pilgrim festivals, but rather to pilgrimages to Jerusalem undertaken by those bringing bikkurim (first-fruit) to the city. It is clear from the account in tractate Bikkurim that the people bringing bikkurim from an entire district – "ma'amad" – would assemble together in order to bring the bikkurim as part of a large contingent:

How were the bikkurim taken up [to Jerusalem]? All [the inhabitants of] the cities that constituted the ma'amad assembled in the city of the ma'amad, and spent the night in the open place thereof… Early in the morning, the officer said: "Let us arise and go up to Zion, into the house of the Lord our God" (Yirmiyahu 31:5).[12]

Those who lived near brought fresh figs and grapes, but those from a distance brought dried figs and raisins. An ox with horns bedecked with gold and with an olive-crown on its head led the way. The flute was played before them until they were near to Jerusalem.

And when they arrived close to Jerusalem they sent messengers in advance[13] and ornamentally arrayed their bikkurim. The governors and chiefs and treasurers [of the Temple] went out to meet them. According to the rank of the entrants they would go forth. All the skilled artisans of Jerusalem would stand up before them and greet them: "Brethren, men of such and such a place, we are delighted to welcome you."

The flute was playing before them till they reached the Temple Mount; and when they reached the Temple Mount, even King Aggripas would take the basket and place it on his shoulders and walk as far as the Temple courtyard. At the approach to the courtyard, the Levites would sing the song: "I will extol You, O Lord, for You have raised me up; and have not suffered my enemies to rejoice over me." (Bikkurim 3:2-4)

The Yerushalmi (Bikkurim 3:2) brings a baraita that completes the description of the pilgrimage found in the mishna:

On the road they would say: "I was glad when they said to me: We are going to the house of the Lord." In Jerusalem they would say: "Our feet were standing within your gates, O Jerusalem.”

It stands to reason that the words "they would say" in this baraita do not mean that they would say this once as a proclamation, but rather that they would recite these verses over and over whenever they set off on their journey, and similarly when they arrived in Jerusalem.[14]

Of course, the mishna's description of the pilgrimage made by those bearing their bikkurim also fits the pilgrimage made on the three pilgrim festivals. Does the continuation found in the baraita brought in the Yerushalmi also fit the pilgrim festivals? Here there is room for doubt.

The mitzva of making a pilgrimage on the pilgrim festivals falls on each and every individual. But owing to the fact that all the pilgrims fulfilled their obligations on the same date, it stands to reason that they did so in great numbers as part of a mass pilgrimage.

The mitzva of bringing bikkurim to the Temple – "And you shall put it in a basket, and shall go to the place which the Lord your God shall choose to place His name there" (Devarim 26:2) – is also a mitzva that falls upon each and every individual who farms his land. There is, however, no single date on which to fulfill this mitzva: "From Atzeret [Shavuot] to the festival [Sukkot], he brings and recites [the obligatory passage]" (Bikkurim 1:6). Accordingly, each person could bring his bikkurim on a day that suited him and his produce.

Nevertheless, we see from the mishna that the bikkurim were brought to the Temple in the context of a large congregation. As opposed to the pilgrimages on the festivals, the pilgrimages of those bringing their bikkurim did not take place all at the same time from all parts of Eretz Yisrael, but rather each district would go up to Jerusalem at a different time. Upon what did the date of the pilgrimage depend? Upon the climatic and agricultural character of each different district. Eretz Yisrael is a land of mountains and valleys, and the growing place of various different kinds of produce. Dates grow in its valleys and other fruit of the seven species grow on its mountains. Some mountains grow grapes, others olives. The different climates in the various parts of the land also cause the same fruits to ripen at different times. Each district, depending upon its geographical-climatic and agricultural character, set its own time for bringing bikkurim in accordance with its climate and special produce.[15]

How did the farmers of a particular region know that it was time for them to assemble together in order to bring their first-fruit to the Temple? This question does not arise regarding the pilgrimages to Jerusalem on the three pilgrim festivals: there each person knew the date on which to leave his house in order to arrive in Jerusalem before the festival, and convoys of pilgrims would form in a most natural manner. But in the case of bikkurim, there was no fixed date each year!

It stands to reason that each year the elders of the region would set a date for assembling together for the purpose of going up to Jerusalem based on the special factors regarding the ripening of the fruits in that area, and messengers would inform all the farmers that on a particular day, all should assemble in "the city of the ma'amad."

Indeed, our psalm opens with the call:

I was glad when they said to me:

We are going to the house of the Lord.

Only those going up to Jerusalem with their bikkurim required that "they should say to them" that they were going up to the house of the Lord! The pilgrims going up to Jerusalem for the three pilgrim festivals did not need such a call, for they knew on their own when to set out.

It is possible, then, that our psalm is the psalm of those going up to Jerusalem with their bikkurim, the verses of which were recited on their way to and when they arrived in the city, as is described in the baraita in the Yerushalmi.[16]

(To be continued.)

(Translated by David Strauss)


[1] And similarly in the headings of the Songs of Ascent 124, 131 and 133. The heading of Song of Ascents 127 reads, "A Song of Ascents of Shlomo."

[2] Rashi cites this derasha in his commentary to verse 1.

The Meiri makes an interesting attempt to explain the psalm in accordance with its plain sense as describing an event in David's life:

If we explain it as referring to David himself, this is the explanation: When David said to Natan the prophet, "See now, I dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark of God dwells within curtain," and Natan answered him, "Go, do all that is in your heart, for the Lord is with you" (see Shmuel II 7 and Divrei Ha-yamim I 17), before he received the prophecy, "You shall not build the house" - he said: "I was glad when they said to me, We are going to the house of the Lord." That is to say: Regarding what Natan said to me, "Do all that is in your heart." I was sure that I would build it, and that "our feet would be standing within your gates," and the word "hayu" is a past tense ("were") that serves as a future tense ("would be"), and that it would be built and the tribes would go up there and they would sit on the thrones of justice – all past tense serving as a future tense.

But when he saw that his hopes would not be fulfilled, he said his words (beginning with verse 6) as one who yearns and laments about his inability to realize his desire. And he stirred his contemporaries, since he did not merit to build the Temple, neither him, nor them, his people, that they should bless it and pray to God for its peace and the peace of those who love it.

This explanation also does not accord with the plain sense of the psalm, and the Meiri would never have dreamed of suggesting it as an explanation of the body of the psalm, had he not been forced to do so by the psalm's heading.

[3] The difference between the Meiri and the two earlier commentators is that they explained the psalm as a song of yearning for Jerusalem, uttered in the sorrow of exile, whereas the Meiri seems to recognize that there is not the slightest hint of sorrow hanging over the psalmist. He therefore attributes the psalm to those in the exile who will utter it when they hear the tidings of redemption. Mentioning the praises of Jerusalem when it was at its height serves as psychological preparation for the rebuilding of Jerusalem in the near future. See below note 4c.

[4] a. What made it easier for these commentators to attribute our psalm to the people in exile is the contradiction between the heading, which attributes the psalm to David, and the body of the psalm, which clearly describes a period that does not accord with that of David. Thus, we are forced to adopt the accepted resolution that David spoke of the future by way of the holy spirit. This being the case, it is possible to push off this future to the period of the exile.

b. It should be noted that the Radak's explanation of our psalm follows from his understanding of all the Songs of Ascent as "songs uttered as if by the people in exile" (see beginning of psalm 120).

c. The Ibn Ezra brings an explanation that pushes off even further the future to which our psalm is referring: "There are those who say [that David uttered our psalm] with respect to the Third Temple." According to this explanation, we have here not a description of Jerusalem in the past, but rather a description of Jerusalem in the present, but this present is the prophetic present: the present of the people of the Third Temple period, in whose mouths David put his words by way of the holy spirit. This explanation does not follow at all from the body of the psalm, but solely from the contradiction between the heading and the body.

[5] Section VII, especially notes 1, 2 and 5.

[6] The citation is from the Ibn Ezra's introduction to the book of Tehillim. R. Moshe's name is not mentioned there, but it is clear that the Ibn Ezra is referring to him. See at length in U. Simon, Arba Gishot Le-Sefer Tehilim (Bar Ilan, 5742).

[7] This leads him to the conclusion that some of the people mentioned in the headings lived during the period of the exile, and not, as is generally accepted, in the generation of David. See his comments cited earlier regarding the sons of Korach.

[8] There is, however, a difference between the heading "Li-Shlomo" and what we are saying about the heading of our psalm: There, the commentators propose that the psalm was composed [by David or one of the other psalmists] for Shlomo in order to educate him or to bless him, whereas here we are suggesting that our psalm was composed in honor of David following his death. The common denominator between all these explanations is that the letter lamed that precedes a name can be understood as "for" (compare to the heading of psalm 92: "A psalm, a poem for the Sabbath day").

[9] It is difficult to attribute such an authentic account of the experience of going up to Jerusalem to someone who never experienced it, and not even to David, as was proposed by R. Moshe Ha-Kohen. This problem is not as striking in the Radak's explanation, for he understands our psalm as a song of yearning for Jerusalem on the part of the people in exile: they give expression to the concrete experience of making a pilgrimage that either they or their parents had during the time of the Temple.

[10] See psalm 132.

[11] As Brill says in his commentary: "Le-David – this means: for David, who conquered the city of Jerusalem from the hands of the Yevusi, built it, established his throne in it, and caused the ark of the covenant to rest there."

[12] The officer's call brings to mind the words of the "sayers" in our psalm: "We are going to the house of the Lord."

[13] Their stopping in this place brings to mind what is stated in our psalm: "Our feet were standing within your gates, O Jerusalem."

[14] a. It is twice mentioned in the mishnayot cited above that "the flute was played before them:" both when the people were on the way to Jerusalem and when they were in the city on the way to the Temple Mount. It stands to reason that they advanced singing and playing musical instruments.

b. It is difficult to conclude from the account in the Yerushalmi whether they would only sing these two verses from our psalm, or perhaps they would also sing the rest of the psalm after entering the city.

[15] a. Thus we learn (Bikkurim 1:3): "Bikkurim are not brought… from dates grown on hills [where they do not grow well], or from valley-fruits [from fruit that does not grow well in valleys]… that are not of the best kind." The farmers in each region brought the fruits that their region excelled in.

b. The significance of the fact that the Sages turned the mitzva of bikkurim, which falls upon each individual, into a mitzva that is fulfilled in the framework of a mass of people is explained in my study of Parashat Ki-Tavo (1st series), pp. 294-295. Our comments above regarding the pilgrimages and psalm 122 were taken from that study.

[16] As stated above, these ideas appeared earlier in my study of Parashat Ki-Tavo. When I included these ideas in the present study, I saw that similar ideas were alluded to by R. Yehuda Shaviv in his book, "Yesod Ha-Ma'ala – Iyunim Be-Shirei Ha-Ma'alot Bi-Tehillim," p. 54

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  true lilly on Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:15 pm

true lilly wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:
true lilly wrote:Foes are members whose messages will not be visible
and who won't be able to send you Private Messages or post on your Wall.

Note that you cannot ignore
the moderators or the administrators.
Foes list
el kabong

Add a foe: el kabong, AGAIN!

So, WHY even try to continue to convert me,?

"tintin" couldn't do it, in person, with all his money,
connections, threats made, and carried out?

How bloody weak are 'you',
to need to keep hammering me!
Ruben isn't on the list and Ciggy is and he isn't even posting,do you
fear Mr Ciggy the most,he'll take that as a compliment most high?

I must be amusing for you to be kept off the foes list eh?I make you smile...
I had some reason at the time,
board or something unimportant,
not worth remembering,
billy kept texting me,
and I simply wanted to
compare his contradictions.


[[[A Psalm] for Solomon 8010.]]
Give 5414 the king 4428 thy judgments 4941,
O God 430,
and thy righteousness 6666
unto the king's 4428 son 1121.

He shall judge 1777 thy people 5971
with righteousness 6664,
and thy poor 6041 with judgment 4941.

The mountains 2022 shall bring 5375
peace 7965 to the people 5971,
and the little hills 1389, by righteousness 6666.

He shall judge 8199 the poor 6041 of the people 5971,
he shall save 3467 the children 1121 of the needy 34,
and shall break in pieces 1792 the oppressor 6231 .

In his days 3117
shall the righteous 6662 flourish 6524 ;
and abundance 7230 of peace 7965
so long as the moon 3394 endureth.

He shall have dominion 7287
also from sea 3220 to sea 3220,
and from the river 5104
unto the ends 657 of the earth 776.

They that dwell in the wilderness 6728
shall bow 3766 before 6440 him;
and his enemies 341 shall lick 3897 the dust 6083.

The kings 4428 of Tarshish 8659
and of the isles 339 shall bring 7725 presents 4503:
the kings 4428 of Sheba 7614
and Seba 5434 shall offer 7126 gifts 814.

Yea, all kings 4428 shall fall down 7812 before him:
all nations 1471 shall serve 5647 him.

For he shall deliver 5337 the needy 34 when he crieth 7768 ;
the poor 6041 also, and [him] that hath no helper 5826 .

...Give 5414 the king 4428 thy judgments 4941,
O God 430,
and thy righteousness 6666
unto the king's 4428
son 1121.

1) king

From מָלַךְ (H4427)

1) to be or become king or queen, reign
a) (Qal) to be or become king or queen, reign
b) (Hiphil) to make one king or queen,
cause to reign
c) (Hophal) to be made king or queen
2) to counsel, advise
a) (Niphal) to consider
A primitive root

son 1121.

1) son, grandson, child, member of a group
a) son, male child
b) grandson
c) children (pl. - male and female)
d) youth, young men (pl.)
e) young (of animals)
f) sons (as characterisation,
i.e. sons of injustice [for un- righteous men]
or sons of God [for angels]
g) people (of a nation) (pl.)
h) of lifeless things, i.e. sparks, stars, arrows (fig.)
i) a member of a guild, order, class

From בָּנָה (H1129)

1) to build, rebuild, establish, cause to continue
a) (Qal)
1) to build, rebuild
2) to build a house (ie, establish a family)
b) (Niphal)
1) to be built
2) to be rebuilt
3) established (of restored exiles) (fig.)
4) established (made permanent)
5) to be built up (of childless wife
becoming the mother of a family
through the children of a concubine)
A primitive root

Yep, there is a lot said, in only those two words
(something all poets and psalmists understand),
but there are also words, rendered as 'king', 'son',
and 'kingdom', with other meanings,
in other contexts of Time and Place, such as:

[As] I live 2416, saith 5002 the Lord 136 GOD 3069,
surely in the place 4725 [where] the king 4428
[dwelleth] that made him king 4427 ,
whose oath 423 he despised 959 ,
and whose covenant 1285 he brake 6565 ,
[even] with him in the midst 8432 of Babylon 894
he shall die 4191 .

And the beginning 7225 of his kingdom 4467
was Babel 894, and Erech 751, and Accad 390,
and Calneh 3641, in the land 776 of Shinar 8152.

And the LORD 3068 said 559 unto him,
Call 7121 his name 8034 Jezreel 3157;
for yet a little 4592 [while], and I will avenge 6485
the blood 1818 of Jezreel 3157
upon the house 1004 of Jehu 3058,
and will cause to cease 7673 the kingdom 4468
of the house 1004 of Israel 3478.

For the kingdom 4410 [is] the LORD'S 3068:
and he [is] the governor 4910 among the nations 1471.

Thou 607, O king 4430,
[art] a king 4430 of kings 4430:
for the God 426 of heaven 8065
hath given 3052 thee a kingdom 4437,
power 2632, and strength 8632, and glory 3367.

...and so on and on, throughout God's Word,
if one cares to study, compare, test and let,
Holy Scripture interpret Holy Scripture,
the enemy call 'loose bricks'='contradictions',
one will find are in fact, the little details,
caveats and clarifications, that Prove The Truth
of The Faithfulness of God and His Living Word.

...and makes clear,
good, modern science keeps confirming.

Oh, and don't get excited and stumble over:

and will cause to cease 7673 the kingdom 4468
of the house 1004 of Israel 3478.

...remember, it's;
line upon line,
here a little, there a little,
precept upon precept,
command upon command...

the prince of death is NOT CREATIVE
so in his futile effort to
usurp David's Crown
and try to make himself 'god',
needs to take & twist the words of
The Creator of Life, Who CAN'T LIE,
Smile Wink
true lilly

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  MoMo on Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:50 am

true lilly wrote: Oh, and don't get excited and stumble over:

and will cause to cease 7673 the kingdom 4468
of the house 1004 of Israel 3478.

Apparently you did and have extracted one verse out of context to make your deranged claim that you have replaced the Jews as YHWH Chosen People.....Replacement/supersseionism Theology is Demonic. YHWHs Covenant with the Jews and Israel is Eternal.........the verse you selected was a prophecy that the Apostate Kingdom of Israel would be destroyed and it was, likewise the Kingdom of Judah was destroyed for apostasy also.........but it does not say it would be permanent. YHWHs Covenants are Eternal.



here's lilly big lie exposed for all to see.

By Rabbi/Brother Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky
Part Three On Israel’s Exciting, and Glorious End Time Restoration!

The hideous falsehood known as replacement theology has been a cancer in theological circles for the past two millennia that just seems to refuse to go away. While replacement theology takes on different applications, and modes, it is a theology originated by the early non Jewish fathers of the so called "Christian Church". It coldly states that a new Rome centered, and Roman based ecclesiastical organization called "the church", is the "new Israel". This new Israel, would now forever replace Jewish Israel, since Yahuwah permanently rejected the Jews for killing their Messiah, His Son. Extreme proponents of replacement theology have even gone so far as to claim that Yahuwah, the mean, and cruel despot, was the Elohim of the Old Covenant Jews, as opposed to Yahshua who is the forever loving, kind, and compassionate Elohim who had REPLACED YAHUWAH AS LORD OF "THE CHURCH" OR THE SO CALLED "NEW ISRAEL". In other words, Yahshua’s people have replaced the Father’s people.

This hideous doctrine is by no means a small theological side issue to be argued in a local pub. It has been at the forefront of antisemitism, Judeo-phobia, and has fully provided fuel for tragic historical events such as the Spanish Inquisition, the Catholic Crusades, the ouster of the Jews from every European country, as well as the Nazi holocaust. As history clearly demonstrates, Martin Luther, and other Protestant reformers blueprinted both the call, and the plans for the annihilation of the Jewish nation from Europe, and later the world by providing "so called Christians", with biblical justification to perpetrate genocide on world Jewry. Adolph Hitler knew full well that he could find theological approval, and support from these church folks. The inbred functionalism of this spiritual cancer amongst those that preach Yahshua is so widespread that it cannot be fully reversed, and eliminated until Yahshua’s millennial reign begins shortly when He returns to the earth. Even such seemingly benign church doctrines such as "Kingdom Now" theology or "Dominion" theology, where the so called "church" will christianize the world through the establishment of the bible as a global constitution, and whereby all world powers, and authorities will be won to, and taken over by Christendom, are nothing more than new attempts at replacing the "troublesome Jews". Wasn’t this flawed global christianization program, whereby Yahshua would merely take over a globally loyal populace converted through church efforts, already tried numerous times? Historically they were called the Crusades, Inquisitions, and Pogroms. Was it not the Crusaders who were attempting to take the globe by the sword, and convert, and subdue it by the gospel?...............These hideous theologies call anything Jewish to be anti Christ, and legalistic. Jewish practices are not welcome in their church systems. It is simply fascinating to me that "the church" has this insatiable desire to institute biblical law, and church sovereignty over the globe by spreading Yahuwah’s laws, when one of the major errors within Christianity is the very rejection, and the denial of the validity of first covenant instruction in New Covenant times.

The so called "church" system has repeatedly, and pridefully proclaimed to its adherents that the Torah or the laws of first covenant Israel are passed away, and nailed to the cross, and have therefore been replaced by the second covenant law, which is love, baby, love. In other words, this man made ecclesiastical organization started, funded, and headquartered in Rome, now wants to force their paganized Christendom down the throats of the worlds populace, with obedience to THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, and other teachings all based on the Decalogue, all the while instructing her very own members that it is not applicable to the New Covenant "church". Now you talk about confusion! How can a man made ecclesiastical system that is boastfully, and wrongfully antinomian (anti-Torah), at it’s very core theology, force the world’s populace to submit to rules, and regulations that they themselves loath as having preceded from the Jewish despot named Yahuwah, and His Jews? Remember that in true replacement theology a pagan blonde haired, and blue eyed European, pork eating Jesus (the English translation of the sun deity Zeus), has replaced Yahuwah the Father as LORD (from the pagan deity Lourdes), over his "church" (from the pagan circular ritual conducted by the Celts).


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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  MoMo on Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:56 am

http://yourarmstoisrael.org/Articles_new/restoration/?page=3&type=12 wave

The truth of course is that no other nation before or since has been earmarked by Yahuwah to work out His redemptive, and earthly will, as has Israel (12 tribes). Replacement theology teaches that unless or until Jews get saved, they are cursed, and have no future or national calling, unless they willingly join, and incorporate themselves into the man-made "church". This fallacy teaches that unsaved Jews are lower than other unsaved peoples from other nationalities because they are in fact the murderers of Yahshua, and therefore eternally guilty of deocide. The truth is of course just the opposite. Even in their unbelief they are favored, and have given life, and hope to the world by their preservation of the Word of Yahuwah, in their role of guardians (Romans 3:2), and in their re-habitation of the waste places of the land of Israel. Romans 11:15 reminds us that even in their status as unbelieving Jews, that the world was reconciled to Yahuwah by that very status. Romans 11:15 then talks about the dawn of a new day when Jewish Israel will be raised from the dead spiritually to receive favor. Romans 11:26 is a clear reminder that all Israel (Judah & Ephraim) will be saved! Does that sound like a people permanently replaced, and with no future outside of the Roman Church, and her harlot offspring? Jewish Israel has been, and will continue to be supernaturally preserved for the revelation to her of her beloved Messiah Yahshua, in whose Name they have suffered so very much. His return will bring them much love, even as His first advent has brought them so much sorrow from the "so called church".........Replacement theology has the chutzpah (nerve) to teach that the scriptures must be read spiritually, and absolutely not taken literally, since to do so would force one to conclude that Jewish Israel is an eternally chosen, and recognizable people with a special calling, and a special land, over, and above all the peoples of the globe. In order for the students of scripture to be made to believe in the doctrine of replacement theology, a demand is made upon them to understand that the promises made to Jewish Israel must not be taken literally. In other words when the first covenant uses terms like, Zion, Temple, Jerusalem, promised land, they are all now synonyms for the so called "church". This craziness has also settled itself in publishing houses that publish scripture. The BB Kirkbride Company in Indiana that publishes the widely used Thompson Chain Reference Bible, has multiple chapter captions in Isaiah, and other first covenant books that read "Isaiah comforts the church", or "the church is consoled". Time out! When or where did the church exist in Isaiah’s day? I have even heard Christian teachers state that if Adam, and Eve hadn’t fallen into original sin, that they would have had continual "church" with Elohim. Can you believe that? Taken to its illogical conclusion Adam, and Eve went to church until they were thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

The truth is simple, and Yahuwah is not psychotic. When He uses the term Jerusalem, it is a literal city He has in mind. When He refers to the nation of Israel, it is the12 tribes He has in mind. When He refers to the Jews, it is the Jews He has in mind. When He refers to Zion, it is the land, and Mt. Moriah He has in mind. These are all literal terms, and titles of different, concepts, places, and locations. To boldly, and incorrectly teach that these are all interchangeable, and synonymous terms for the "so called Christian church", is an outright attack on the literal infallibility, and inspiration of scripture, let alone a direct attack on the Heavenly Father’s linguistic intelligence!

This doctrine is so deeply imbedded in "church" circles of all denominations, that unless the biblical final solution to this mess is applied immediately, and without reservation, then we must await the arrival of Yahshua Himself to teach us correctly. (Two excellent works on this subject are "Our Hands Are Stained With Blood" by Dr. Michael Brown, and The Road To Holocaust by Hal Lindsey, where the above facts are totally documented with direct quotes, and actions of the early "church" fathers). The problem with waiting for Yahshua to straighten things out at His return, is that by then we will be judged by Yahshua at His return. He reminds us that by our words we will be justified, and by our words (teachings ) we will be condemned (Matt. 12:37). In James (Yaakov 3:1),Yahshua reminds us that not many should seek to be teachers of scripture, since we will receive the greater judgment for the errors we dispense. Rav Shaul (Paul), also confirms this truth when he declares that if we are willing to judge ourselves we will not be judged by our Master Yahshua (First Corinthians 11:31).

Replacement theology must be cleaned up, and must be cleaned up immediately. That is beyond question but the problem for true pure hearted believers everywhere is how? The urgency of the moment cries out for a bible based solution!

In our attempt to correct this problem we must first demonstrate that replacement theology is fueled, and nurtured by a false belief system that declares via various teachings that the "church" is the New Covenant bride of Yahuwah, when scripture over, and over talks about Israel, and Israel alone being Yahuwah’s bride. In order for Yahuwah to be true to His Word, and not break the scriptures about covenant marriage faithfulness, He cannot have two brides, neither can He set aside, and divorce one group of people in place of, or in favor of another. To do that He would have to violate, and break literally hundreds of scriptures where He cautioned mankind not to practice spiritual adultery through double devotion. Yahshua stated that the Creator did not intend for mankind to dispose one wife in favor of another (Matt.19:3-Cool. If the so called "church" is a separate entity from Israel (12 tribes), then we are faced with Yahuwah being a practicing spiritual adulterer, with two brides called the Jews, and "the church". This would violate the scriptural principal that Yahuwah only has had one bride called to covenant faithfulness in order that through the set apartness of that one bride, His witness would go forth in the earth. The one people known as His bride can produce multiple witnesses on Yahuwah’s behalf, but they must all proceed from the same nation or the same people. If something man made called the "church", really does exist, then how can we explain Yahshua’s words where He tells us that when all is said, and done, through His blood atonement, and redemption that He, and His Father will be left not with two flocks, but rather with ONE (John 11:52, John 10:16)! In John 10:16, Yahshua states that there will be one flock not two. Starting in 325AD through the blasphemous efforts of Constantine, and his cohorts, the non Jewish disciples divorced themselves from their believing Jewish brethren, forsook the teachings of the eyewitness apostles, (Shabbat, Passover, celebration of the resurrection of Yahshua on the Feast of First Fruits or Bikkurim), in favor of a new blend of Messianic faith, with the Roman emperor as Pontificus Maximus (pope), which naturally was Constantine, leading the way. Thus were established two flocks claiming Yahshua as Elohim. One legal with apostolic sanction, instruction, and teaching, and one whose loyalty was split between faith, and state, between Yahshua, and Miriam (Mary), between Yahuwah the Son, and the invincible sun, and its forbidden worship! This new flock made a total divorce, and separation from their believing Jewish brethren who upheld the sanctity of Torah, and the glory of Messiah. Thus many early divorcees in this new breakaway flock mixed or synchronized sun worship with Son worship, bringing the two into a perverted form of Messianic pantheism, where all is Elohim, and Elohim is all. In this perversion Yahshua shares His glory with myriads of saints, statues, beads, idols, and His mother!

....The prophet Jeremiah confirms this everlasting truth in Jeremiah chapter 31:verses 31-34, where he prophecies that the New Covenant will be cut with both houses of Israel, in order to forgive sin, and internalize Torah through the Brit HaLev (circumcision of the heart). These verses say nothing about the New Covenant being cut with anyone else, though other scriptures do in fact teach the salvation of the "Gentile" nations that enter into this NEW ISRAELITE COVENANT!......The preaching of the glorious gospel of Yahshua, is the method by which, and through which the kingdom is being restored to all Israel (Acts 1:1-Cool. The gospel is designed to bring all nations into a single entity called New Covenant Israel, or the ekklessia of Yahshua. Verse 6 of Acts:1, tells us that Israel’s restoration was foremost on the minds of the remaining eleven talmidim at the time of Yahshua's ascension. He rebuked their desire to know the timing of Israel’s full restoration, as something that belonged only to the Sovereign Father in heaven, and then proceeded to give them the formula or the means by which the Kingdom would be restored through the gospel. Verse 8 of Acts:1, tells us this formula for building this single entity known as Israel (both simultaneously physical, and spiritual), will come to pass by first going to the Jews or the House of Judah found in Jerusalem, and Judea. Then the eleven were told as we all are, to go to Samaria (Ephraim’s former capital city), which is a direct call from the Messiah to seek out Ephraim, the other House of Israel! All historians recognize the Samaritans as having been descended form the Northern ten tribes. Finally we are to go to the outer most parts of the globe. Why? Because according to Genesis 48:19, and Isaiah 11:12, this global search via gospel light, will allow us to find the scattered sheep of Israel, the outcast seed of Ephraim/Israel, along with the dispersed seed of Jewish/Israel. Together with the past dispersions of Jewish/Israel, and the obvious outcast status of Ephraim/Israel, the globe is full of Israelite blood from both houses, thereby the necessitating of "The Great Commission" of Matthew 28:18-20. If you belong to Yahshua by grace through faith, then "EWE", must be one of them! Yahuwah designed the worldwide preaching of the gospel to both redeem individuals, all the while simultaneously restoring Israel corporately. "O the riches, and wisdom of Almighty Yahuwah!"

The only solution then to replacement theology, physical versus spiritual Israel theology, and separate entity theology, is the restoration of both houses of Israel. The House of Judah, Jewish/Israel and the House of Israel, Ephraim/Israel! (Study Hosea chapter one to find out how Ephraim would turn up in the last days as Gentiles, and unite with saved Jews, into one single body with the same set of instructions (Torah), and the same vision). Hosea chapter one verse 11, reminds us that the day of Jezreal or the 12 tribal re-gathering of Israel, will take place only through Messiah’s establishment of Israel as a single entity. Both houses will appoint the same King over them (Yahshua), as well as appoint the same teaching of King Messiah (Torah), as their guidebook, and instruction manual. The revelation of this last days truth, and the restoration of all Israelites from both still divided houses, will cause a cry of lament to proceed from a reunited Israel, as is beautifully taught in Hosea 2:1. We will see that non Jewish believers, are really as much physical Israelites as we ourselves are, and our response to our Messianic Nazarene Yisraelite brothers, and sisters of faith will take on a new reality, as we see them for who they really are. Not just spiritual brothers or sisters, but flesh, and blood physical Israelites, as chosen as is Jewish/Israel!

This realization in both houses of Israel, will give birth to the joyous, and wonderful heartfelt cry of reunion. "O MY PEOPLE! AMI"! This last days revelation of the restoration of both houses of Israel, will allow the spiritually discerned to see their non Jewish brothers in a new light. That light will reveal Ephraim/Israelites as fellow redeemed physical Israelites. That same light will allow Ephraim to shed his temporal denominational name tags, and in its place reclaim the title of Israel that belonged to them before 921BC, without having a compulsion to replace the Jews. As the scripture declares: "Truly great is the day of Jezreal" (the re-gathering of that which had been previously scattered!).

Ephraimites who still hold to replacement theology are in desperate need of doctrinal healing, and need a true heaven sent vision of national Israelite unity. Their thinking is sinful, and a major obstacle, and stumbling block to the ultimate, and glorious reunification of all Israel!

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  MoMo on Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:58 am



The Full Restoration Of Israel!
Part I of a Series
In Genesis 13:14-16 Yahuwah our Heavenly Father promised Abram the land of Canaan as well as a promise of physical multiplicity of his zera or his seed (sperm). Abram was told that this promise of physical multiplicity will be so vast and so extensive that the entire earth will literally be full of his zera. Verse 16 reminds us that at the time that this promise is literally and physically brought to pass it will be absolutely impossible for mankind to even count it, or in any way census it, since mankind is totally impotent and unable to count the dust of the earth. This promise is straightforward, needing absolutely no interpretation or explanation. That same seed will inherit the land eventually to be known as Israel.

In Genesis 15 verses 1-6 we see Abram willing to help Yahuwah fulfill the promise of Genesis 13 by prematurely and incorrectly choosing Eliezer, a Gentile, who is not a physical offspring of Abram's own sperm or zera, to be the one through whom that promise would be brought to pass. However Yahuwah rebukes Abram and makes it clear to him that His promise of physical multiplicity that would become a number that man would not be able to number would not come through an adopted Gentile or a second class choice. No! Our Heavenly Father ordained that this promised heir would come from Abram's own body. He would not be adopted but he would be a physical descendent of Abram. It is through this physical descendent that Yahuwah once again promises Abram that his physical offspring will be more than the stars of Heaven. Obviously through modern science we know that our solar system has billions of stars and of course that other solar systems have many more billions. These stars in totality produce a number that mankind cannot even fathom. Yahuwah challenges Abram's lack of ability in counting the stars with the words "if you can" in verse five. It is because of Abram's pure faith and trust in Yahuwah that he receives imputed righteousness as a result of his believing and trusting in Yahuwah's promise. Notice there is only one promise not many promises. Abram was declared righteous by faith in Yahuwah's one promise. Whoever this physical seed would turn out to be it would literally have to be more than the dust particles of the sea and the visible stars of heaven. This promise must be taken extremely and solely on a literal face value. Any tendency to somehow spiritualize this promise is a lack of faith in Yahuwah's literal Word. That would be the very opposite of the faith of Abram himself.

This promise of physical multiplicity and blessing is renewed in Genesis 17 verse 4 where Abram is told that this promise will establish him as a father of many nations or "hamon goyim". This term "hamon goyim" is also found in verse 5 and literally means a noisy multitude of Gentile nations. This physical seed that will literally fill the globe will not be a silent group of religious folks, rather they will be a great and noisy multitude making a great noise and tumult about Yahuwah and His gospel love for humanity. Verse 6 of Genesis 17 promises Abraham that through this seed of promise, kings would be manifest. This of course is talking about the kings that would one day make up the royal House of David through whom Messiah would come to His throne. In verse 7 Yahuwah reassures Abraham that this promise of greatness through physical multiplicity would be unconditional and everlasting.

After the testing of Abraham's faith in Genesis 22, Yahuwah renews the promise, due to Abraham's great obedience in the binding of Isaac on Mt Moriah. In verses 17&18 Yahuwah reminds Abraham that it is he that will inherit the physical promise of physical multiplicity when his seed one day becomes more than the stars of heaven and the dust of the earth. In verse 18 we see that from this earth filling seed, will come one (Messiah), through whom all of the earth's families will be blessed. In Genesis 24 verse 60, Rebecca's family prophetically prays over her in order that her children may become "myriad's of peoples" and rule over their enemies.

In Genesis 26 verse 4 we see this promise of physical increase being renewed with Abraham's son Isaac. He is told that his zera will be more than the stars of heaven. Sound familiar? Isaac becomes the heir of this promise not Ishmael. Therefore when Yahuwah brings to pass this great and precious promise it will not be through an adopted Gentile like Eliezer or a child of the flesh like Ishmael, but rather through the child of promise (Isaac) the heir proceeding from Abraham's own body. Galatians 4:28 confirms that only Isaac is the child of promise. What promise? The promise of physical multiplicity that would fill the earth, yet still possess the land of Canaan as it's own homeland.

Genesis 28 verse 3 finds Isaac blessing Jacob and prophesying that the promise that Yahuwah gave Abraham and Isaac would now be bestowed upon Jacob and not Esau. We see that in verse three Isaac prays that Jacob's zera, would be blessed and become a "kehelat goyim" or "assembly of peoples." For the first time in scripture we get a glimpse of Yahuwah's plan for filling the earth with the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Hebrew term found in verse three is "kehelat goyim" or an assembly of nations or even better an "assembly of goyim". Somehow the Father will fill the earth with the physical seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by putting together an assembly of goyim. Verse 4 confirms that what Isaac is bestowing upon Jacob is none other than the blessing of Abraham.

It is absolutely crucial for us to understand that there are not many promises to Abraham. There are not some that are spiritual and some others that are physical. Rather there is one promise and that one promise contains two aspects of physical blessing. One is the seed who would bless the nations, that being Messiah Yahshua Himself, the other being merely a promise of physical reproduction and multiplicity. In Genesis 28 in the account of Jacob's ladder we find Yahuwah telling Jacob that his seed will be spread out as the dust of the earth and will break forth to the four corners of the globe. In other words his offspring would find its home in Canaan land, but would somehow through Yahuwah's divine plan break forth and find its way to the four corners of the earth. This promise is none other than the bestowing upon Jacob of the promise and blessing of Abraham. The Hebrew term used in Genesis 28 verse 14 is the term "parats" meaning to break forth. It literally means to jump out and spread quickly. This promise of physical multiplicity must come through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob therefore nullifying any claims by Islam and Ishmaelites or any other misguided Bible scholars claiming that this promise is fulfilled in adding the Jews and Muslims together. That is wrong since this promise must come through Isaac and Jacob not Ishmael and Esau. The Ishmaelite, Arab and Muslim peoples are the physical descendants of Abraham alone, not of the promised heirs Isaac and Jacob. They do not, I repeat do not, meet the standards set down by Yahuwah when He stated that the promise of physical multiplicity would come through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The faith of Islam is not the faith of Abraham because in order to have the faith of Abraham one must believe it was Isaac not Ishmael who was the chosen seed!

We find Yahuwah elaborating on this promise to Jacob in Genesis 35:10-11 where He declares to Jacob that he would no longer be known as Jacob but as Israel. Israel means one who as a prince struggles with Yahuwah and prevails. It is as Israel that Jacob will produce sperm that will lead to the establishment of a nation and a company of nations. The nation of course is destined to be the Jewish people and the company of nations will be the "kehelat goyim" or the assembly of nations (Gentiles) that will proceed from his own body.

As we jump forward in time we find Israel the great patriarch dying in the land of Goshen in Egypt and he summons all his sons to his bedside as he is dying. He somehow finds enough strength and leans on his staff and begins to prophecy through the Ruach HaKodesh the events that will befall his sons in the last days. The Brit Chadasha (New Covenant) refers to these deathbed prophecies of Israel as an act of worship. In Genesis 48:5 he adopts Joseph's children born in Egypt, Ephraim and Manasseh as his own. He is declaring his last will and testament right there in front of Joseph. He officially adopts these two boys so that Joseph his most beloved son can receive a double portion of blessing through both his sons (verse 22). In verse 16 of Genesis 48 he calls these two grandchildren "Israel", since he not only adopts them but prophetically declares that the physical promise of physical global multiplicity will come through them. After stating "let my name be called upon them," meaning they are Israel's children, he prays that they will become a multitude. The Hebrew term used here for multitude can be read as a "teeming multitude of fish". It is interesting to remember that it was none other than our Messiah Yahshua who declared that He would make us fishers of men. Could many of the men he was referring to be the "teeming multitude proceeding from Ephraim and Manasseh?

As Israel is about to pronounce blessing he lays his right hand on Ephraim instead of Manasseh who was Joseph's firstborn. The right hand is symbolic of the blessing of the first born and should have rightfully fallen to Manasseh. However above the protests of Joseph, Israel crosses his hands and place the right one on the second of Joseph's sons Ephraim. When Joseph objects Israel tells him not to worry that he knows exactly what he is doing and that while Manasseh will become a great nation, Ephraim will be greater than him. In Genesis 48:19 we have one of the most fascinating and important prophecies of scripture. In blessing Ephraim over and above his brother, Israel declares that the seed or zera of Ephraim will become the "maleh goyim", or the "fullness of the Gentiles". In other words the physical seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that was promised to one day literally fill the earth as the sand and dust of the earth and stars of heaven, will now come to pass in and through Ephraim. Ephraim will be the vehicle though which the great and precious single promise of physical multiplicity will literally come to pass. In English the words "maleh hagoyim" can best be translated as the "fullness of the Gentiles". If that term sounds familiar it should. It is a quotation from Romans 11:25 by Rav Shaul (Paul) as the method and means by which all Israel would be saved. The only other time this word maleh is used in Tanach is in Psalm 24:1, where the psalmist declares that the earth is Yahuwah's and the fullness thereof. In other words the earth is full of peoples, places and things that belong to Yahuwah and there is nothing found in the earth that does not belong to Yahuwah. In like manner there will be virtually no one in the earth that is not somehow belonging to the seed of Ephraim since it is the seed of Ephraim where all the blessings of physical multiplicity will be found. More on that later.

Not only do we see Ephraim receiving the birthright of the first born over and above his older brother Manasseh, but Israel also removes it from Reuben in Genesis 49:3 & 4 since Reuben defiled his father's bed and was sexually impure regarding the privacy and intimacy of Israel's marriage bed. So in reality Ephraim is moved ahead of Reuben, Joseph and Manasseh to receive the blessing of the firstborn of Israel. First Kings 5:1-2 and Jeremiah 31:9, confirms this essential truth. There is however some needed insight at this point. In all ancient Mideast cultures the right of the firstborn was essential in establishing lordship over the house of the dying father. With the birthright went power, authority, respect, grandeur and the right to enact all family business and transactions pertaining to its sustenance, care and well being. In essence the birthright was the permission to the firstborn to take over and rule the fathers' house in the fathers absence through death. Isaac received this right from Abraham even as Jacob received it from Isaac, albeit deceitfully. With the birthright went power and therefore it was coveted greatly in that culture.

When Israel gave Ephraim the birthright, however, he gave it to him with one major reservation. We read about this in Genesis 49:8-10, where Judah is given the pre-eminence or power to rule and reign royally over the House Of Israel! In verse 9 it states that all Israel's children will bow before the royalty of Judah and verse 9 states that the pre-eminence will cause all Israel to pay homage to the Lion of Judah whom verse 10 refers to by the Messianic moniker of Shiloh. Shiloh means the "sent one" or the anointed King Messiah from the kingly line of Judah who would be manifest in the natural through the tribe of Judah. Hebrews 7:14 makes it clear that Yahshua was Shiloh and it is evident that He sprang forth from Judah. What a mess! Did Jacob make a major error? Did he go to all the trouble of establishing Ephraim as the firstborn with the firstborn birthright only to give him a title without authority and without preeminence over his brothers? Did he make Ephraim a puppet ruler with just a paper title much like the modern day Queen of England? One thing we know for sure. He brought a split into and among the sons of Israel since one son had a birthright but the other son Judah had the right to rule! What good is a birthright without the authority that goes along with it? The children of Israel would submit to Judah's seed not Ephraim's, yet Ephraim's seed would become the fullness of the Gentiles. Judah would rule over the House Of Israel, but Ephraim would bring forth the promised zera that would fill the globe with the promise to the patriarchs of physical multiplicity. Of course Israel knew what he was doing since he was ministering through the Ruach HaKodesh. He split the authority and blessing between the two brothers who would continue to wage war over the fullness of the blessing that would ultimately be played out in a battle royal over the title of who is Israel? How ironic that according to Genesis 49:10 it will be the Lion of Judah (Messiah Yahshua), that would gather the goyim or nations of the seed of Ephraim back into the House Of Israel! After Israel died and his children waxed great in Egypt this promise of physical multiplicity began to trouble a Pharaoh who knew not Joseph. Of course he enslaved the Hebrews and it took Moshe Rabainu our great deliverer to rescue Israel from the house of bondage. As history teaches us Moshe took the twelve tribes out of Egypt to Sinai where they received Torah and the twelve tribes settled the land of Canaan. After a period of diverse judges and after King Saul, David was anointed King over all Israel. In the days of David the King, we see the house of Judah ruling and reigning over a united Israel with 12 tribes under David's monarchy. All was well until Solomon, David's' son, began whoring physically as well as spiritually and Yahuwah revealed to Solomon that the kingdom would be broken in the life of his son Rehoboam because of Solomon's sins. (First Kings 11:11-14). Yahuwah further revealed to Jeroboam an Ephraimite, one of Solomon's talented craftsman, that he would receive ten tribes resulting from this split in the kingdom of Israel after Solomon's death. This prophecy was acted out in front of Jeroboam by Ahiyah the prophet. The glory days under David was the last time that the kingdom belonged to all Israel, made up of all twelve tribes. In approximately 921 BC the ten northern tribes broke away from the House Of David and called themselves Israel making Samaria its capital. The southern tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi made up the southern kingdom under Rehoboam with Jerusalem as its capital (Read First Kings 11:26-43). As Rehoboam prepares an army to retake the ten renegade tribes in the north, Yahuwah forbids it in First Kings 12:24 by telling Rehoboam that this split in the House Of David is from Him and that they should not fight against their brothers.

This split in 921 BC was simply the literal fulfillment of the prophetic unction's pronounced by Jacob over his sons when he split the family so to speak. He split the birthright between Ephraim and Judah and that is why Yahuwah says in First Kings 12:24 that this family split is from Him. He ordained it and desired it so that He could bring to pass the promise He made to the patriarchs. Specifically the promise of physical multiplicity. The means by which our Heavenly Father chose to do this is through this split in David's House. We will see why later! What began with Jacob now was being played out in the natural. The Northern kingdom of ten tribes began to adopt pagan practices, holidays, customs, false worship and unfortunately Jeroboam became the father of Ephraimite pagans. In First Kings 12:26-33 we see the evil heart of Jeroboam son of Nebat at as he devised a scheme for the ten tribes collectively known as the House of Israel or Ephraim to begin to practice a false religion designed to keep Ephraim separate from Judah and separate from Judah's Elohim. As we will shortly come to realize this House of Ephraim would one day become hidden as individuals within the Christian Church through Yahuwah's program of the regathering of Ephraim through Messiah Yahshua and would adopt all of the ungodly pagan practices of Jeroboam. This system of Jeroboam had as its basic design the creation of a separate entity from the House of David consisting of the ten tribes in the north.

This separation unto debauchery and unto Ephraim's departure from the family of Israel resulted in Yahuwah's judgement in approximately 721 BCE when Yahuwah send Tilgat Pilsger III, the Assyrian king to utterly destroy the House Of Ephraim or the ten northern tribes. Since Ephraim played the harlot and lifted her skirt to every foreign deity, Yahuwah declared that he would in like manner sift her and cause her to be naked before the Gentile nations, by bringing an end to the northern kingdom, of Israel. This stern punishment would be enacted by the dispersing and swallowing up of these ten tribes by the world's pagan nations. Since Ephraim's lust, penchant and desire for paganism was so great Yahuwah permitted the ten tribes to become the very thing that they so desperately and so wickedly craved to be! Thus we find that the children of Israel experienced their first holocaust in 721 BCE when ten tribes seemingly disappeared and became lost spiritually as well as physically. Thus was born the ten lost tribes of Israel.

As we are about to discover this breakage was the method by which Yahuwah chose to fulfill the family split caused by Jacob himself as well as to fulfill the promise of physical multiplicity to the patriarchs. Are the ten tribes really lost? Can they be found? Have they been destroyed or somehow preserved? Did the Messiah come to restore the Tabernacle of David which had fallen in 920 BCE? Did the ten lost tribes of Israel become Gentiles later to be regathered back into the house Of Israel by the ministry of Moshiach? Is it possible that the ten tribes became the "maleh goyim" or the "fullness of the Gentiles" that we read about in Romans and that was promised to be the physical Israelite seed through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ephraim? Let's find out!

The prophet Hosea is a great place to start our definitive search for the other house of Israel, the House of Ephraim. From this point forward the key to understanding prophecy related to the restoration of the twelve tribes into the House Of David is to understand that after the split in 921 BCE Yahuwah almost never ever refers to one house but to two houses of Israel! When He speaks to the North (10) tribes He speaks of Israel or Ephraim. When He speaks to the South He speaks of Judah. He always separates these two entities and unless you learn to do likewise you cannot and will not understand any prophetic writings or prophecies given by any of Israel's prophets after the split of the House of David. Get it fully settled in your minds that after 921 BC there were and still are two separate houses of Israel!! If you can comprehend this truth you are well on your way to being an instant prophecy expert!

In Hosea chapter One, the prophet sent to the northern kingdom of Israel is told to take a wife who is a whore since that would give him a pretty good idea what the ten tribes have done to Yahuwah. After cohabiting with Gomer, Hosea calls their daughter "Lo-Ruhammah" (verse 6), meaning no mercy or compassion. In verse 4 of Hosea One we see Yahuwah putting an end to the northern House Of Israel and in verse 6 He promises to never again show Israel in the north any mercy. In verse 7 Yahuwah stated that unlike Israel, He will show mercy to Judah in the south. The couple conceived a son in verse 9 and Yahuwah commands Hosea to call his name "Lo-Ami" for you are not my people and I am not for you. When Yahuwah is against you the party is over. Israel or Ephraim is called Lo-Ami, not my people. It is adios , good bye and good night Irene! No more mercy, no more my people, no more a kingdom, and Yahuwah fighting against you. We see clearly the end of the ten northern tribes as a nation before Yahuwah. A total divorce and rejection has taken place. Hosea 7:8,8:8,9:11,9:17,10:1,12:1 and other passages confirm that Ephraim's plight is to become Lo-Ami, swallowed up among the Gentiles. Yet in verse 10 we see a startling declaration. Despite a death sentence for the ten tribes as an identifiable kingdom or nation, miraculously they reappear and are born-again so to speak in the last days. Verse 10 of Hosea One begins with the words "Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the seashore. Here we have a kingdom totally destroyed and swallowed up among the Gentiles, miraculously reappearing as the former children of Israel and are even called the sand of the sea! Sound familiar? It should! This is the sand of the sea promise made to the patriarchs and to Ephraim. This verse further reveals to us just where we are going to find the ten lost tribes or the sand of the sea that cannot be counted. The ones who call themselves and are called by Yahuwah children of Elohim! Do you know any modern day group of people that run around referring to themselves and claiming themselves to be children of the living Yahuwah! You got it! The born-again community of Gentile believers is nothing more than the former dispersed House Of Israel. Yahuwah further states in this verse that when Ephraim is gathered they will be His people or His Ami and He will be their Elohim since they have become sons of the living Elohim by grace though faith (Hosea 2:21-23). This cannot possibly be made any clearer. A nation that has come to an end, disappeared or become lost if you will, all of a sudden showing up as sons and daughters of Yahuwah in the last days! Elohim Himself reminds us in verse 10 that this group in nothing more than the former House of Jeroboam or House of Israel. In verse 11 of Hosea One we see this return of the ten lost tribes coming back into the House Of David in the days when these former lost Israelites appoint for themselves the same head that Messianic Jews are appointing for themselves. This one head is the head of the body made up of nothing more than Judahites and Ephraimites with perhaps some true Gentiles, now restored to Yahuwah as redeemed individuals from both houses and are learning to trust and lean on the same Head by appointing that Head (Yahshua) as personal Elohim and Savior! Verse 11 goes on to say that when individual Ephraimites and Judahites are making this personal appointment of Yahshua as king of their lives it will not be a day to build something called "a church" where "the church" replaces the Jew, rather it will be the day of Jezreal. Jezreal means the replanting of those who were scattered! Baruch HaShem Yahuwah. Notice the very next verse in Hosea 2:1, where both Judahites and Ephraimites who appoint Yahshua as their head (in the day of Jezreal's regathering and replanting into David's rebuilt Tabernacle), will no longer look at their brothers and sisters as spiritual brothers or sisters only, but will see them in a new light. What light is that? As "ami!" My own people. Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. When Ephraim and Judah are individually regenerated and regathered into the rebuilt Tabernacle of David then we will begin to recognize each other as blood brothers, as physical Israelites from different sides of the same family that have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!

Remember that in Matthew 15:24 Yahshua stated in the clearest possible terms that he was sent for no one except the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Notice He did not state that He came for Gentiles or Jews. He did not come only for Jews because Jews are Judahites physically descended from the two southern tribes that made up the Kingdom of Judah. He also has no interest in Gentiles. Why? Because those who respond to Yahshua's love, and come back to the restored Tabernacle of David, may look like Gentiles, act like Gentiles, behave like Gentiles, eat pork and break the Shabbat like Gentiles, but are in fact nothing more than the lost physical sheep of the house of Israel who became the Gentiles and have been living like Gentiles for 2700 years. Obviously when they come back they are not going to look like Israelites who practice and are faithful to Torah. Either you are going to believe Yahshua and scores of other prophets or you are going to make up your own theology. He said I have come only for all the lost sheep of the House of Israel. This includes the Jews but also includes the other house of Israel, who are my brothers in the flesh. Of course Paul, Peter and others were sharing the gospel with Gentiles because where else are you going to find the seed of Ephraim, except among the Gentiles filling the globe. Amos 9:9 tells us that though scattered among the Gentiles, not one grain or person will fall to be destroyed. In other words they will not disappear from the earth, but will mix and literally become the peoples of the earth, only to be brought back to Yahuwah in the end times, on an individual basis. The Great Commission (Matt: 28 18-20) therefore is nothing more than a world wide search for the seed of Ephraim the sand of the sea, dust of the earth, the teeming multitudes of humanity. Part of that search of course will be to look for the dispersed of Judah as well. Yaakov (James) testifies to this truth by reminding the Jerusalem Council that Yahuwah was just visiting the Gentiles nations through the preaching of the gospel, not to live there, but to rescue and pull out His people called by His Name ( Acts 15:14-17). Through this rescue James reminds us that Yahuwah is rebuilding The Tabernacle Of David made up of all the twelve tribes of Israel. Since He is Israel's Elohim, He is pulling out and rescuing Israelites from the "outcast status" that had been their inheritance due to their disobedience to Torah. These people are Israelites regardless of whether they themselves realize it or not! Is not that what it means to be lost? Lost spiritually as well as physically!

Is it not fascinating that after three and a half years of Yahshua's earthly ministry as He is about to ascend back to heaven from the Mt. of Olives, all remaining eleven talmidim come to Him and ask Him the same exact question. This is almost unimaginable since these eleven rarely agreed on anything and were always fighting and asking questions, seeking to bolster their own agenda. Yet in total unanimity they all had the same final question. Master, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel? (Acts1:6) That is what they were concerned with. Not the creation or building of a separate entity called "the church" which has sought to replace, annihilate and often destroy the Judahite people. Let it be clearly understood that the word "church" is nothing more than the ekklesia or assembly of the Tanach. It is the same assembly that was receiving Torah on Mt. Sinai (Acts7:37-38). There is one New Covenant assembly, called Israel by Rav Shaul (Galatians 6:16). There is no such thing as a separate entity called "the church", with a separate Shabbat and a separate holy day schedule. In Spanish and Portuguese and almost every language ekklesia meaning those "called out ones" maintains the basic idea of an assembly. Only in English do we have this "church" (derived from a pagan circular blood ritual called "church") word that appears to be teaching that Yahshua built something new called "the church", when all He was doing was rebuilding the mikra or assembly of the Tanach and filling it with power. When the Septuagint translation of the Tanach was translated from Hebrew to Greek around 175 B.C.E., every translator translated the word mikra into ekklesia and that is exactly what Yahshua Himself claims to have come to build (Matthew 16:16-19)! The oldest New Covenant manuscripts in our possession today and written in Aramaic (a dialect of Hebrew), confirm the absence of the word "church" again using in its place the word "assembly." Because of Ephraim's jealousy and hatred of his brother Judah, along with an ongoing addictive attraction to anything pagan or foreign to Torah (like father like son), he decided to become a separate man-made entity known as "the church" totally divorced from Jacob's family and it's rich Hebraic roots, which explains why today the "church" as it mostly stands is absolutely unrecognizable to both Jews and often to Yahuwah Himself! This self-desired divorce from Israel has left "the church" without any tools with which to provoke Judah to jealousy. She is a man-made self willed religious divorcee from the covenant people of Israel!

The gospel is not merely a proclamation of personal salvation. It is a message of national restoration to Israel from a divided family which manifested itself in two still separate houses of Israel. Matthew 24:14 reminds us that the gospel is the gospel of the Kingdom. In Matthew chapter 12 Yahshua speaks of the principal of a divided house without any ability to withstand the fiery darts of Satan! What kingdom? The kingdom of Israel. In Luke 24:21 the talmidim were very disappointed since they fully and rightfully expected the twelve tribes to be resorted under Yahshua the Moshiach. Where would they get that idea from? Jeremiah 23 verses 3-6 Yahuwah declares that He will bring Israel and Judah back from global dispersion in the days that Messiah arrives. In verse 5 and 6 it states that Judah shall be saved and Israel shall dwell safely. We see the reunification of both houses under the Messiah or the reunification of all twelve tribes all living in the land of Israel. Remember that in order for the House of David to be fully restored and rebuilt it has to be composed of the same composition that left Egypt, received Torah and made up the glory days of King David. All twelve tribes! Any revival or restoration movement that does not include the full restoration of all twelve parts of the family and merely focuses in on two parts of the twelve parts, is not flowing in a full vision of restoration. Messianic Judaism in order to continue to experience the full last days blessings of Yahuwah, must expand it's vision to include all of Israel. The vision does not have to be changed at all and should be of no threat to Messianic Judaism's leadership, once it determines the truth of Israel's two houses and demands that Ephraim renounce all paganism and embrace the fabric of Israelite living and holiness which is Torah. The future of the last days revival of Israel and the very fabric and survival of the modern Messianic Jewish movement depends on a leadership ready to re-evaluate the preservation of Ephraim for 2,700 years amongst and as Gentiles. That is the final "Tikun HaOlam" (restoration between Judah & Ephraim), spoken of in Ezekiel 37:11-28! It is wrong for bible students & Messianic leaders to teach and believe that Judah, Ephraim, and Israel are all the same and are really analogous or synonymous interchangeable terms, whose usage varies, depending upon what mood Yahuwah is in. That is historically inaccurate as well as theologically deceptive and if Yahuwah is able to differentiate between the two still divided houses after 720 BCE, why can't we?

Go back now and read your Bible, understanding that when Yahuwah refers to the ten tribes it is always Ephraim or Israel and when He refers to the two southern tribes it is always as Judah. Try it! Your eyes will be open to the true, everlasting and final Tikun HaOlam. If you refuse to read your Bible without that foundational premise, then you are bound to find an Elohim who is repetitive, confused and throws terms around referring to two nations when there is really one. Of course based on this faulty reasoning Yahuwah is not too swift at identifying and locating the outcasts of Israel (Ephraim) either! Do you really believe that? Of course not! You and I may not know where to look for the ten tribes but rest assured Yahshua does, and that is exactly what He has been doing for two thousand years right under our collective nose, since that was His assignment according to Isaiah 49:5-6. During that same time period we were all busy fussing and fighting as two brothers engaged in sibling rivalry!

What it all boils down to is, whose report will you believe? An Israel made up of two tribes or one made up of twelve which Yahuwah Himself vowed to fill the earth with. Since He is faithful you can rest assured that almost everyone on this planet has a drop of Israelite blood since Yahuwah' blessing of physical multiplicity would fill the globe through Ephraim's banishment and subsequent intermarriage and assimilation. If the earth is full of Israelite blood how much room is there left for any other types of peoples without some Israelite blood? If this promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has been literally fulfilled only through the Jewish people alone, who continue to number only 16 million and can easily and readily be counted, censused and numbered, then the promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is an outright lie! Yahuwah lied! Sixteen million Jews does not constitute a multitude that cannot be numbered! Sixteen million or so Jews could all fit nicely into the land mass of the state of Florida. The promise of physical multiplicity was not fulfilled in Judah alone! That is a numerical and practical impossibility! The question before you is not can everyone on earth really have at least a drop of Israelite blood? The question before you is did Yahuwah lie and speak in half truths? Are we to take him at his literal word? This teaching of the two houses submits the truth that Ephraim plus Judah with a few true Gentiles (?), equals billions of human beings and from those billions (5 or 6 billion), a remnant Israel is being saved from all twelve tribes and are being reconciled to Yahuwah through the precious blood of the one who declared "I came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel"! Whose report will you believe? Those promoting separate entities and thus two Israels, one physical and the other spiritually adopted, or Yahuwah who has only one physical Israel, that is spirit filled and led, taken from all twelve tribes, with no one being adopted into physical Israel, but requiring everyone Jew and non-Jew to be adopted into Yahuwah's family! The choice is yours! Is it possible that the real reason behind the reason of saved Judah's carefree, careless attitude towards trying to discover where in the world the rest of his lost physical family really is, is nothing more than a colossal case of a self centered mindset! In Judah's defense it is perhaps possible that Judah is too busy trying to survive the Diaspora than to be concerned about finding his brother's whereabouts. Regardless of the real reason, Yahuwah only deals with these two chosen families in the earth (Jeremiah 33:24).

Is it not interesting that the promised New Covenant of Jeremiah 31:31-34 talks about Yahuwah cutting a covenant with the House Of Israel and the House of Judah never once mentioning cutting one with Gentiles or Christians. The House of Israel mentioned in Jeremiah is Ephraim those born-again non-Jews. Remember that all Jews are Israelites but not all Israelites are Jews. In the heavenly Jerusalem of Revelation 21:12 notice that all those born again folks planning on having everlasting life must enter the city through one of 12 gates, one for each of the twelve tribes. Isn't it funny and strange how Yahuwah forgot to make a gate for Christians or "saved Gentiles". The reason is that everyone in New Covenant Israel from both sides of the physical family is a blood descendent of Israel with some few exceptions. Even those exceptions become Israelites according to Torah! I'll discuss more on that in the next issue.

In Jeremiah 31:3-22 we read detailed descriptions of Ephraim (ten tribes) returning to the land. Any aliyah or any program of returning Jews to Israel to live must and will include all Israel including Ephraim. In the verse mentioned above we see the ten tribes being replanted on the mountains of Israel. Do you have a problem with that? Yahuwah doesn't! You see our vision is too small. Our vision must be the vision of Yahshua and the 12 disciples and must include a revival among all Israel, not just 2/12th's of Israel!! It was Yahshua Himself who promised the twelve talmidim a millennial rule over twelve verifiable and recognizable tribes of re-gathered millennial Israel (Matthew 19:28). Zechariah in chapter 8:22-23, specifically refers to ten men representing the ten returning tribes grabbing the tzitzit (fringes) of a Jew who has come to know Yahshua personally and declaring that they will also return to Zion and Torah. Notice that these ten returning men speak all of the world's known languages. In this passage we see the ongoing return of all Israel, to Israel!

In Yaakov (James) 1:1 Yaakov writes his epistle to the 12 tribes scattered abroad. Obviously James knew that the body of Yahshua that he was writing to was nothing more than the re-gathered 12 tribes of Israel that had been redeemed through Yahshua and he addressed them as such! If the ten tribes remained lost and nowhere to be found why would James write to them and call them brethren of faith in verse 2 of James chapter One? Obviously he had no problem with the body of Yahshua being New Covenant Israel made up of all twelve tribes and perhaps some very few exceptions. Have you ever written a post card to people that had disappeared from the earth or didn't exist? Obviously they had to exist in order to be written to and to be addressed.

Was it just Yahshua & James that had this revelation? In I Peter 1:1, Keefa writes to the chosen people living in the Diaspora. The Jewish Diaspora did not happen until 20 years after this epistle was penned in about 50 AD. Yet he refers to these other ten tribes' descendants who have come to faith as "the chosen people". Could it be that Ephraim is just as chosen as Judah? Does that burst your bubble? Poor thing! You thought that only two tribes (Jews) were chosen. The scriptures never once calls the Jewish people chosen. Rather it calls all Israel, of which the Jews are but two parts, the chosen people! Jeremiah 33:24 confirms this truth. Yahuwah states that he has chosen two houses or two clans or two nations! Got that! That is the House Of Israel and the House Of Judah. Peter wrote to the re-gathered House of Israel when addressing his epistle! You want some more New Covenant proof texts that these folks calling themselves Christians are nothing more than the physical descendants of the ten lost tribes? No problem. In First Keefa (Peter) chapter 2 verses 8-10 we see Peter quoting Hosea chapter One. The people who are a royal priesthood a chosen generation and a holy nation are identified by Keefa as nothing more than the former lo-ami and lo-ruhammah of Hosea chapter One! In verse 11 of First Keefa chapter 2, Peter says: You who are now New Covenant Priests and New Covenant Israel once were not a people (lo-ami) and had not obtained compassion and mercy (lo-ruhammah).But now through Yahshua you are restored to a people called ami and receiving ruhammah. This is a clear and direct reference attributing and labeling the body of Yahshua as containing much of the old northern kingdom of Ephraim returning because of Yahuwah's favor through the blood of Messiah.

Did Rav Shaul (Paul) also understand the re-gathering of the twelve tribes of Israel through Yahuwah's Son? Was he able to identify "Christians" in Rome as nothing more than the former House of Ephraim? You bet he did. In Romans chapter 9 verse 24 Rav Shaul states that Yahuwah calls Jews and Gentiles to make up His body as heirs of eternal life. Then in verse 25 of Romans 9 he quotes Hosea chapter One and identifies the born again redeemed Gentiles of his day as the Old Covenant House of Israel (Ephraim). He quotes the lo-ami passage of Hosea One and attributes this to "saved Gentiles". Verses 25 & 26 boldly declares this. Finally in verse 27 he puts the icing on the cake and declares that these "saved Gentiles" not only are the former house of Israel that became the "fullness of the Gentiles", but he even quotes Isaiah stating that out of the entire "sand of the sea" promise to Ephraim regarding physical multiplicity only a remnant of Israelites from all twelve tribes will be saved. Wow! Notice the transition and progression as the saved Gentiles of verse 24 in Romans 9 wind up being identified by Paul as the former house of Israel (ten tribes) spoken of by Isaiah, in the next two verses.

In Ephesians 2:11 Rav Shaul declares that those who got saved as Gentiles are no longer Gentiles! They have a new identity, and that identity is according to verse 12 a citizenship in the commonwealth of Israel. They are Israelites! You cannot be a citizen of a spiritual entity known as "the church" or any other spiritual entity. In order to be a physical citizen of the commonwealth of Massachusetts you have to be a physical being. In order for former Gentiles who by virtue of their acceptance of Messiah have become physical citizens of the house and commonwealth of Israel they must be and in fact are physical Israelites from a different side of the family than Messianic Jews. Verse 19 nails this down for us as Rav Shaul declares that these folks are no longer strangers to the house of Israel but fellow citizens. Citizenship always has been and always will be something on the physical plain. In Galatians 3:29 Rav Shaul refers to born again non Jews as the seed or sperma of Abraham. Now let me ask you an honest question! Does the Greek word for seed (sperma), from where we get the English word sperm, sound like something spiritual or something very physical? Therefore if you belong to Messiah through the new birth, regardless of who you think you are, you are Abraham's sperm! That's why verse 28 says there are no Jews, Greeks men or women there is only Abraham's physical seed that has been redeemed and should be known as new covenant Israel!

Further proof is found in Galatians 4:28 where Rav Shaul refers to non Jewish believers as being exactly like Isaac -- the heir of the physical promise of multiplicity. Was Isaac a physical being or just a spiritual being? He was a spirit-filled-and-led physical being! According to Rav Shaul, that is exactly who the non-Jewish believers are in the New Covenant! In First Corinthians 10:1 Rav Shaul reminds saved Ephraimites that they were once Gentiles, but not any longer. He reminds these non-Jewish Israelites that their fathers (Hebrews) who were led out of Egypt went through the Red Sea and eventually met the Rock (Messiah) just as they had (First Corinthians 10:1-4). In First Corinthians 5:7-8 we see these Ephraimite Israelites keeping Pesach! Only the people of Israel celebrate the Feasts Of Israel!

There are man-made teachings and teachers that place the word "spiritual" in front of the word "fathers" in First Corinthians 10:1 as well as Galatians 3:29 where they add the word "spiritual" before the word "seed", to make it seem as if Christians are only some kind of spiritual seed, or worse yet something called "spiritual Jews." May I remind these teachers that adding to the Word of Yahuwah is a capital offence punishable by death (Proverbs 30:5, Deut. 4:2, Deut.12:32, Rev 22:18). Apparently there are some who either do not understand this truth or who do understand it, but desire to continue to suppress it so that they can keep "saved Ephraimites" in perpetual second class adopted chains worshiping at the throne of Judaism instead of His Son. If non-Jewish believers were totally honest with themselves, most of them carry a deep desire and therefore inner jealousy to be Jewish. That jealousy either causes them to want to convert to any kind of Judaism, even those forms that force a recanting of faith in Yahshua's finished work, or historically the jealousy has and can still turn into raging hatred against the Jew they can never become. Those days are over! This is the day divinely decreed for the restoration of all things (Acts 3:20-21). When Ephraim begins to believe that they are part of physical Israel they will act like Israelites and return to Shabbat, kashrut, moedim, Zionism and aliyah, and will cease to be jealous of the Jews (Isaiah 11:12-14). According to these same verses the day is coming when Jews will recognize Ephraim as their physical brothers in much the same way that all Jacob's sons came to recognize Joseph in Egypt. They thought he was a Gentile and all the while Joseph was an Israelite. Whether Judah recognizes born-again non-Jews as Ephraim does not change the fact that they, like Joseph, are unrecognizable to their brothers. Yet still like Joseph, Ephraim is Joseph's son and Jacob's grandson and is in fact an Israelite experiencing the same lack of recognition that his father Joseph experienced in Egypt. Joseph knew them but they knew not Joseph. Today large segments of Ephraim recognizes chosen, born-again Judah, yet Judah cannot and often will not recognize born-again Ephraim! Yahuwah declares that this vexation of Ephraim by Judah will come to an end through Messiah (Isaiah 11:13-14), when He gathers the outcasts of Israel and the dispersed of Judah from all the earth. Notice how Judah was never outcast like Ephraim, only dispersed.

In Yochanan 10:16 Yahshua said "other sheep I have which are not of this fold. I have to bring them in as well. And they shall hear my voice and there shall be one flock and one shepherd". Notice that Yahshua had another Israelite flock that were still His fold even before He died and arose again. He did not say that he will create a new and separate fold called "the church" made up of pagans with separate practices replacing Torah sometime after His resurrection. He said that He already had two folds -- that He was sent to bring them in, and they will become one flock or one united house.

John (Yochanan) knew the same truth by virtue of his writings in Yochanan (11:49-52). John stated that when Ciaphas prophesied that it was good that Yahshua was dying for Judah, John added that Ciaphas was prophesying that Yahshua would not only die for that nation (Judah), but also the former house of Israel that were scattered abroad 721 years prior to Yahshua's birth! We know this is a reference to the House of Israel (ten tribes) since he calls them a nation (physical people), as well as children of Elohim! They were called children of Israel because Elohim is the Elohim of Israel and they were Israel or children of Elohim even before Yahshua went to the tree of Korban! Notice that the Father's' revealed plan in verse 52 of chapter 11 of John is to gather both nations or houses into one. Even at the time of Yahshua, people's eyes and hearts were being opened to the truth about the family feud perpetuated by Jacob widened by Jeroboam and Rehoboam and in the last two millennia inflamed by the Church vs. Jewish battle royal over the title of who is Israel! The question is fully answered when one realizes that there is only one people of Israel with one Elohim of Israel and one Messiah of Israel and one Torah of Israel and that both houses need to follow the same blueprint for the restoration of all Israel on a level playing field of common ground. Only with the full understanding of the divided two houses of Israel, will the hatred, bitterness, pride and arrogance of Christendom and Judaism towards each other come to a quick and deserving death. Any other solution to the Church vs. Jewish debate will result in more misunderstanding between brethren and the perpetuation of the family feud started by Jacob splitting the birthright between Ephraim and Judah though both were physical and spiritual Israel.

It is comforting to note that according to Isaiah 49 verses 1-6 the Messiah is promised to all Israel and is even referred to as Israel, since Israel's restoration is the personification and primary purpose of His mission. Hosea 11:1 also calls The Messiah, Israel! In Isaiah 49 verse six, we see the Father asking Him if He is prepared to raise up the twelve tribes of Israel by bringing back into the fold those who, though scattered and lost as a nation, would be individually preserved in and amongst the Gentiles in the four corners of the earth for the Messiah's ministry. He did come. He did go looking for preserved individuals physically descended from Ephraim and Judah and has in fact restored these preserved ones. Though these preserved ones may not know who they are, though they may look, act, smell, behave and conduct themselves with all of their father Jeroboam's filthy ways, our Messiah knew where to locate them. He has located them and He has brought them back to the fold on an individual basis not a national basis, as of yet. Interestingly enough the Hebrew word for preserved ones in Isaiah 49:6 is Notzrim or Nazarenes, which is the modern Hebrew word for Christians. It is these preserved born again Ephraimites that would be re-gathered in to the rebuilt Tabernacle of David and would return to the fold of Israel as Nazarenes. Let us recall that the entire early Messianic communities were known as The Nazarenes (Acts 24:5), the preserved ones of returning repentant Israel!

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so.......lilly.........whaddaya think about that? You & Tinnytintin know shit about shinola..........


Read this thumbs up


In order to conclusively determine the makeup of the New Covenant body of Yahshua called the Israel of Yahuwah in Galatians 6:16, we have to understand several crucial truths. We must understand that the twin dispersions of both houses of Israel, Ephraim in the north and Judah in the south was not only a punitive decision by Yahuwah, but one of faithfulness as well. In Genesis 13:14-16, Genesis 17:4 -5, Genesis 26: 4, Genesis 48:19, along with a host of other texts the patriarchs were promised the physical blessing of physical multiplicity that would see their physical sperm or zera fill the globe. Prior to the northern kingdom's dispersion, beginning with Tiglath Pileser III in 745 BCE and culminating in Sargon II's final conquest of the northern capital of Samaria in 721BCE, scripture teaches that many from Judah in the south migrated northward and many from Ephraim in the north, in order to escape capture migrated to the South. Therefore both houses of Israel most likely contained representative samplings of all twelve tribes but not the full numbers within the twelve tribes themselves. When the northern kingdom went into Diaspora due to paganism, idolatry and Torah breaking, they followed a northwest route taking them to parts of Assyria. Later according to history these Assyrian towns became part of the Scythian peoples who eventually settled in Europe and the west. Since these ten tribes had no interest in protecting their Israelite identity they tossed it to the wind and literally became Gentiles. First Kings 12:24 reminds us that this 721 BCE Israelite holocaust, was the divinely mandated plan of Yahuwah for the intermingling of Israelite blood throughout the globe. Yahuwah decided to accomplish this plan to fulfill covenant faithfulness to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by allowing first the northern kingdom and later the southern kingdom to both experience diaspora and global scattering. Since there was this dramatic crossover and migration prior to 721BCE by the time both houses would be scattered globally each house contained a representation of all twelve tribes. This is not to say however that all within those twelve tribes can be found in either the Judahite people or in the Ephraimite people. What can be said is that when Judah was dispersed first in 520BCE and later in 70 CE they were far more careful to preserve their culture, customs and their beloved Torah to which they remained generally faithful. Therefore no matter where either house went globally they would carry Israelite blood and seed to all creation and almost every creature. It had to be this way since the patriarchal promises of physical multiplicity were promised to be fulfilled through the Ephraim side of the family in Genesis 48:19, not through Judah. Judah rather was given the privilege, preeminence and honor of being the vehicle through which Shiloh the Messiah would be made manifest.

Thus according to Matthew 10:23 as prophesied by Yahshua every city on the globe would become a city of Israel, since many if not most of its inhabitants would be made up of large populations of those descended from both houses. In this same verse Yahshua confirms this amazing truth when He both prophecies and reminds His talmidim that they will have so much area to cover in their mission that when the Son Of Man returns, they will still be busy preaching the gospel. This area He talks about must be global in scope since the twelve shilichim (apostles), could have covered all of Judea in less than a couple of years or a couple of decades at the most. Remember that Judea was about the same size as Rhode Island and that Bethlehem was and still is only five miles south of Jerusalem. Yet Yahshua prepares them for a major task that will be so global in character that they will not have the opportunity to finish this kingdom business when He returns. "Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel before the Son Of Man be come". In other words Paris, London, Hong Kong, Tehran, Beirut, Tokyo, New York, Boston, Philadelphia etc., are all considered cities of Israel by our Heavenly Father. When you combine this powerful truth along with Matthew 15:24 where Yahshua Himself states that He only came for the lost sheep of the House Of Israel, we have strong evidence that the globe is "His Israel". Of course we balance this scripture with others stating how the Son would save the whole world that He came to die for. If He died for the whole world and if He only came for lost sheep of Israel, simple logic will tell you that the globe as it now stands today 2700 years after Ephraim’s diaspora and 2000 years after Judah’s last diaspora is made up largely of Israelite blood. Notice that I did not say Jewish blood, since most of the Jewish nation remained small and never really multiplied physically due to holocausts, inquisitions, extermination attempts and genocide. We must be careful not to continue to use confusing terminology.

Ephraim Israel on the other hand loved to assimilate and copy the ways of the heathen so they were not as easily detected and could not be identified for persecution and annihilation. They were more than happy to integrate and assimilate into any society they happened to find themselves in. It is through this carefree attitude towards Yahuwah and His Torah that actually aided Yahuwah in fulfilling the promise of Genesis 48:19. This yielding up of their Israelite heritage allowed Ephraimite blood to multiply and spread globally undetected, largely escaping the persecution and tribulations that have historically been associated with openly demonstrative Judah. O the depths and the wisdom of the Almighty. How marvelous and unsearchable are His ways, past finding out.

It is evident to most serious students of the Bible that Yahshua of Nazareth being Israel’s real Messiah has done exactly what He said he would do and has been regathering all Israel, the chosen remnant of both houses right under our noses, while we have been sleeping and arguing about who has Jewish blood. Just like Adam woke up from a deep sleep to find his bride Chava next to him, so will Jewish Israel soon wake up to find their beloved long lost brother Joseph, who has been heretofore unrecognizable right next to him! Ephraim Israel was divinely sent ahead to provide gospel provision and spiritual manna for the last two thousand years. In order for Yahshua to regather both Jewish Israel and Ephraim Israel, He had to allow Judah to maintain identity lest they be consumed and Messiah’s birth prevented and at the same time literally turn the descendents of Jeroboam the Ephraimite into pagan Gentiles. That is correct. The lost sheep of the house of Ephraim became pagan Gentiles. That is why over and over again in the Brit Chadashah the epistles refer to Gentiles getting saved. Gentiles being born again. Gentiles being washed in the blood. Gentiles, Gentiles, Gentiles! I am so tired of answering the same question over and over again -- "If the ten tribes became Gentiles, why doesn’t the Brit Chadasha say that the body of Yahshua is made up of Judahites and Ephraimites instead of Jews and Gentiles?" I’ll tell you why! It is because the authors of the New Covenant took it for granted that those who follow Israelite history and have done their homework, would be well aware of the historicity behind the ten tribes and their subsequent assimilation that has led to their becoming Gentiles. These New Covenant authors simply took it for granted that you would know who most Gentiles were formerly. The burden of studious verification is on you not anyone else!

In the last issue we gave ample evidence that this truth is not only hinted at, but strongly addressed in Brit Chadasha. In James 1:1 and Acts 15:14-19, and many other scriptures which clearly talk about Yahuwah not wanting to hang out or take up residence with the heathen nations, but states that He is visiting them to pull off a massive rescue and return to Himself, of the people belonging to and already called by His Name (Acts 15:14).Yaakov states that all the prophets of Israel agree that the primary purpose of the New Covenant and Israel’s Messiah is to redeem and return all the seed of Israel from both houses back into the Tabernacle Of David which had fallen. Obviously it fell due to division. Verse 16 of Acts 15 teaches us that Yahuwah is not doing something new by building a manmade church headquartered in Rome nor is He building a church where Gentiles will outnumber, surpass and suppress Jewish expression, rather that He is returning Davidic 12 tribe glory to Israel. He is rebuilding not building. In order to rebuild you must of necessity use the same inhabitants of David’s Tabernacle (all twelve tribes) to rebuild it, in order for it to resemble it’s former makeup and appearance. Verse 20 of Acts 15 states that those who are making up the rebuilt Tabernacle are those returning to Yahuwah. The Greek word in verse 20 is returning and these Ephraimites are returning because their Israelite Ephraimite ancestors left and forsook the Father of glory. Can it be any simpler? Once we can determine conclusively from scripture that multitudes of those coming into the body of Yahshua are bloodline descendents of the northern kingdom, then we will be forced to readjust our thinking in the Messianic movement. Just because we cannot recognize the house of Joseph as being from our own family and amongst us, doesn’t mean they are not. Joseph dressed like an Egyptian was married to a pagan priestess with a pagan name having pagan children which were unrecognizable to his brethren. The situation has not changed one iota. No matter how much denial proceeds from the camp of Judah the fact remains unchanged that those we call saved Gentiles or non Jews are in many cases our brother Yosef who fathered Ephraim the pagan in Egypt, as well as the masses of returning Ephraimite pagans resulting from the first Israelite holocaust in 721 BCE. It was this dual dispersion of both houses that has both fulfilled the promise of physical multiplicity and magnified Yahshua’s greatness as the only one who can find and locate both houses, both containing representation of all 12 tribes, both needing restoration to Yahuwah and to the land.

Isaiah 49:6 is an amazing piece of Messianic scripture. In verse five it states that one of the reasons that the Father birthed Yahshua is to bring Jacob back. Not Jews only, but Jacob. Verse six of Isaiah 49 is even more profound. It prophecies that Messiah will raise up the tribes of Israel. To raise up means to make reappear or to restore back to recognizable life. He will bring life by restoring the desolate parts. What part or parts of Israel that had experienced Davidic glory had become the most desolate? That’s right! Ephraim did! Isaiah 11:12 confirms that while Judah was merely scattered it was Ephraim Israel that became the desolate part or the outcasts of Israel. Isaiah 11:10 claims that Messiah the Root of Jesse and Branch of David will do this regathering of both dispersed (Jewish) Israel as well as outcast (Ephraim) Israel. If Yahshua can differentiate between the two houses that were exiled in two different directions some 200 years apart, why can’t we? If Yahshua is not gathering both houses from both diasporas then He is a false Messiah! Of course we know He is the Messiah therefore He is regathering both houses.

In verse 6 of Isaiah 49 Ephraim is called the preserved ones of Israel. The beginning of these potent verses reminds us that Almighty Yahuwah is so omnipotent that what we consider an impossible task is such a light and small matter in the scope of eternity for the omniscient and omnipotent Messiah, that the Father has also given Him the true non Israelite Gentiles with no Israelite blood as His possession just so He doesn’t get bored with His task!

Messianic Judaism needs to make the break with the fears of the past and recognize the dawn of a new day where in Yahshua, Joseph our brother is sitting and dwelling with us and next to us. It is this recognition of our hidden brethren that will bring about not only the salvation of all Israel but an overnight mushrooming of this still small movement. This next step of growth can only come by accepting as authentic the claims of those who claim Israelite heritage, and are frankly willing to admit that they are not Jews, whose sole desire is to share in the destiny of Jewish Israel along with the good the bad and the oftentimes ugly aspects of being an Israelite.

If Yahshua is radiating His gospel all across the globe and bringing in all humanity in these last days global harvest from among the nations, then somewhere in that vast net there are hundreds of thousands even untold millions of descendents of Joseph and Ephraim who unknown to even themselves are returning to their Judahite brothers. You cannot have a final last days global Tikun Ha Olam without somewhere in that huge global harvest finding and coming across large amounts of the lost sheep of the northern house of Israel. That would be a logical, historical, cultural and mathematical impossibility! Remember that as believers it is up to us to line up our doctrine with Yahshua’s not His with ours or our organization’s doctrinal statement of faith, whatever form that may take. If we can all agree that amongst the nations of the world there is to be found that scattered "zera" of both Jewish Israel and Ephraim Israel, then we now have that common ground and common vision that beats simultaneously to that of the Heavenly Father’s heartbeat for all Israel. Just because we in our finite mortality cannot identify these non Jewish Israelites, does not mean that they disappeared off the face of the earth and does not mean that they are not showing up weekly in our midst and in our congregations and in our synagogues whether we like it or not. Shaking our collective heads in doctrinal disagreement with Your Arms To Israel will not make them go away. In Jeremiah 31:9&10, the Father cries out to all with ears to hear that Ephraim is HIS SON AND FIRSTBORN and will gather him again! It is Yahshua who is restoring the Kingdom to Israel one soul at a time and eventually in large masses. This massive Ephraimite assembling process results in the formation of the general assembly and congregation of "the first born", mentioned by Rav Shaul himself in Hebrews 12:23. He recognized that many in New Covenant Israel were of the lineage of Ephraim, the first born and therefore a congregation of firstborns. Notice the present tense backdrop for this scripture! This process is ongoing in the here and now even as it was already underway in Rav Shaul’s day. This task could not and cannot be undertaken by any movement of man no matter how well intentioned such as Jewish or even Christian Zionism. It is a job that only omnipotent Moshiach can and has been performing!

That is what I believe the so called rapture is all about. Let’s be honest here. How many born again non-Jewish believers do you see lining up at the Israeli consulate waiting in line for visas to make aliyah to Israel? Not even most Jewish Israelites do that. So how can the Father bring to pass all those promises that no Israelites will be left behind in any of the nations where He has scattered both houses. Ezekiel 39:28 talking about not a single Israelite living anywhere outside Israel during the millennium. Think about that promise! If one Israelite remains anywhere outside Israel then Yahuwah lied. He said not one would be left behind. To me and my small way of thinking that can only happen by virtue of the "catching away", where millions of Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Nazarenes and other regathered born again folk, are supernaturally caught up and airlifted to Israel on His Almighty wings to, be returned to their land forever more. Why would these folks plan aliyah since their Israelite identity is lost to themselves as well. Most have no desire to return. Yes, I believe in the rapture of all Israel, but not in the rapture of something called the church as it is commonly taught. In that version or should I say perversion, the Jews get zonked and the "so called " saved Gentiles" get a seven year heavenly cruise vacation. That perversion of the rapture is pure poppycock and for those waiting for that kind of rapture bus to show up pre tribulationally, you will not only be sorely disappointed and misled, but I urge you to bring your jacket and sleeping bag. It is guaranteed to be a long wait for a pre-tribulation rapture bus that will never show up! It just won’t happen the way many of our readers want it to. That falsehood would further separate New Covenant Israel instead of rebuilding it, since the main thrust of that teaching is to have the Roman Church and her daughter hookers fly away unscathed while the "Jewish Christ killers" get zonked. The church and her Roman Pontiff fly to heaven while Jewish Israel is left behind. However if Yahshua’s New Covenant bride is born again Israel, then Jews escape as well! I see from scripture that there will be a bona fide snatching away, of redeemed blood washed New Covenant Israelites made up of Jews, Ephraimites and Gentiles as well, all returning to the mountains of our beloved homeland. The correct view of the rapture is to remove all of New Covenant Israel away from Yahuwah’s wrath only to later return in mass to Israel without remaining in heaven, though as glorified beings we will have free access to the heavens as and whenever we desire.
Verse 25 of Ezekiel 39 tells us that the whole house of Israel meaning the entire captivity of Jacob will return. When Yahuwah uses the term Jacob it talks about both houses coming home along with their Gentile companions................................................

See lilly? Cherry picking verses out of context is deceptive and misleading.....you have been totally/thoroughly refuted.. thumbs up

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  MoMo on Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:58 am


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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  MoMo on Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:15 pm

The prophet Hosea was sent exclusively to the north just prior to his Assyrian captivity. In Hosea chapter one verses 1-9, Hosea tells Ephraim Israel or the House of Israel that his reign is coming to an end and that he will not be Yahuwah’s people and will have no compassion from Yahuwah. He will no longer be their Elohim. Yet miraculously in verse 10 of Hosea one, the same people show up again or are born again, this time not as a corporate nation but as individuals who have become returning children of Yahuwah. Verse ten calls these former northerners more numerable then the sands of the sea. It states that "the number of the children of Israel", shall be as the sand of the sea. That means that it is Ephraim Israel that is destined to produce the millions or even billions of spirit filled children of Yahuwah for Yahuwah, promised to the patriarchs. This truth is confirmed in verse 11 as we see Jew and Ephraimite both getting saved through the same King. Hosea 2:22-23 confirms this great truth. Remember their believing and coming to faith in Messiah and tragically perhaps even going to a Catholic church, still does not change their bloodline. That remains the same. Hosea chapter 2 verse 11 prophecies that after the northern house of Israel is dispersed by Assyria he will totally lose his identity because Yahuwah will cause him to forget Shabbat, the moedim (Feasts) and Rosh Chodesh (new moons). He will remove those visible signs of Israelism from him in order to facilitate his assimilation amongst true Gentiles. In their assimilated status as Gentiles, they will refer to Yahuwah as Baal, which means lord in English! We find this truth in Hosea 2:16&17. Yet when they return to Yahuwah through Messiah they will leave behind the names of paganized Gentile Christendom and begin to know and call Yahuwah "Ishi", meaning my husband. This prophecy coincides with Hosea 1:10. In Hosea 4:17 Yahuwah tells Judah to leave Ephraim alone since he is joined to idolatry. Hosea 5:9 talks about Ephraim’s heritage becoming desolate! The very desolate heritage Yahshua is said to revive in Isaiah 49:5-6. According to Hosea 5:15 Yahshua would return to heaven, but after two days or two thousand years Ephraim would be raised up to live both physically and spiritually in His sight. In context we see that the ten tribes of the former house of Israel will see national revival and restoration after two days or two thousand years after Messiah’s first advent. The sign that Ephraim’s punishment is coming to an end is the blindness to his true identity being removed. The sign that Judah’s punishment is coming to an end is his recognition of his blindness about the fact that Yahuwah has a Son who was manifest in the flesh for our forgiveness.

Hosea 7:8 states that Ephraim has mixed himself among the heathen. Obviously to find Ephraim Israel you have to look amongst the heathen. Verse 11 states that the road to the nations went through Assyria. Hosea 8:8 reiterates in the clearest possible terms that Israel will be swallowed up by the Gentile nations. The Hebrew word for swallow is bala, which literally means to become one flesh with by being devoured or taken away. In the same manner that meat eaten by a human being literally disappears and becomes one flesh with his body, so Israel (Ephraim), will become one and the same as the Gentile nations, even as Yahshua and His Father are Echad!. In scripture the term goy is a collective term for a nation and goy is never used in scripture in a derogatory manner against any individual since Gentiles mean corporate nations. There are even several references to the nation of Yisrael as "Goy Yisrael" instead of Am Yisrael. Hosea 7:8 & 8:8 states that Ephraim would live among the nations or Gentiles, as his severe punishment for counting Torah as a strange thing (Hosea 8:12). No matter how much Torah Yahuwah shared with Ephraim he wanted no part of it feeling restricted by it. Sound familiar ? It should. That is the current state of most non Jewish believers. In Hosea 9:11 a heart wrenching scripture states that Ephraim Israel will fly away like a bird, where there will be no birth, no carrying womb, no conception. Their future as recognizable Israelites will not continue, therefore no birth or conception (as Israelites). Verse 17 of Hosea 9 reiterates the clear historical fact that Ephraim Israel was destined to wander among the nations.

Even Moshe Rabainu prophesied this Ephraimite diaspora in Deuteronomy 33:16-17! Moshe said in verse 16 that Ephraim was always separated from his brethren and in verse 17 reiterates Ephraim’s eternal first born status as bullish or steadfast. Then amazingly he describes Ephraim as a unicorn which is the only member of the horse species with only one horn, symbolizing that when Ephraim would experience his yet future 721 BCE diaspora, he would be thrust out of Israel alone (one horn), without Judah his brother. The end of Devarim (Deuteronomy) 33:17 reconfirms that this unicorn (Ephraim) shall push the people of Israel to the ends of the earth, where being scattered, they will multiply and become known as the ten thousands of Ephraim and the thousands of Manasseh! WOW!

Despite this terrible correction, Yahuwah promised that this global scattering would not result in Ephraim’s destruction according to Hosea 11:9 and Jeremiah 31:35-37 and countless other texts. Therefore we know that though they have wandered and dwelt among the Gentiles becoming Gentiles, since Torah that was designed to knit them together, was treated as a strange thing to them, the Father promised that they would not be destroyed but would be individually preserved. If they are not destroyed and if one of Yahshua’s missions was to find them in their desolate heritage and rebuild the Tabernacle of David, where do you think many of them are today! That’s right. They are in many instances your non Jewish believing brothers and sisters according to Hosea 2:1! Wake up O Israel, put off your slumber and the truth will set you free!

Hosea 12:1 and Hosea 13:15, give very strong biblical clues to the current location of scattered Ephraim Israel. The Word states that Ephraim feeds on wind meaning he is being tossed around the globe and follows after an east wind. We know that an east wind blows west. Zechariah 10:8 -9 says that Yahuwah will whistle for Ephraim and summon them out of all the western nations where they have been sown. That glorious re-gathering of both houses in scripture is called the Day Of Jezreal, which literally means the regathering and replanting of that which was previously uprooted! All land today west and northwest of Israel such as the Americas, North, Central & South, as well as Europe and the British Isles are all locations of major population centers of Ephraimites.

Yair Davidy reached the following well documented conclusions from talmudic, historical, and archeological sources. Ephraim wound up in Britain, Manasseh in the USA, Reuben in France, Simeon in Celtic and Jewish Europe, Levi wherever the Jews went, Judah went everywhere, Issachar wound up in Switzerland and Finland, Zebulon wound up in Holland, Gad wound up in Sweden, Asher in Scotland, Benjamin with the Judahites in Belgium, Normandy and elsewhere. Dan with the Danes and Celts of Europe and Naphtali wound up with the Norwegians in Norway. As you can plainly see, both houses went just about everywhere though Judah was more successful at sticking together.

This north and northwest flight will result in millions from both houses returning to Israel in the last days from Russia where many multitudes of Ephraimites are found along with Judahites. Jeremiah 16:15-19 are strong proof texts that claim that the northern house of Israel went directly north to modern day Russia and the current area known as the Commonwealth of Independent States, that make up the former Soviet Union. They will return from the north country. That return will be so massive that it will cause ALL ISRAEL to downplay the Egyptian Exodus and magnify the numerically greater one currently underway. Messianic Judaism loves to proclaim Yahuwah’s majesty in the return of the Jew from the former Soviet Union as well as the Jewish revival currently underway there, yet it fails to take into account scriptures like Jeremiah 3:17-18, that state that in the last days when we see this massive return of Israelites from the north, or this Second Exodus, that it will be the seed and offspring of both houses returning to Israel. In other words it is time to wake up and smell the coffee and allow Messiah to give you light! Some of the folks that we call Jewish in the former Soviet Union that are excepting Messiah in record numbers and returning to the land of Israel are in fact Ephraimites not just Judahites. Yahuwah did not say He will bring Jewish Israel back and leave Ephraim Israel in the lands of the north only to suffer more pogroms (annihilation crusades) at the hands of anti-Semites like the Pamyat. Rather in Jeremiah 3:17-18, He stated that He will bring both houses back in the last days. Since both houses return it is obvious that both houses still exist. It is Yahshua’s gospel light that seeks to make these two into one new man called Israel! Jeremiah 50: 4-5 confirms that in order for all Israel to be regathered both houses will learn how to walk together away from Babylon and Rome and hand in hand return to Zion. Whether you like it or not, there is no scriptural regathering of Judah without or apart from a simultaneous and equally ambitious effort on Yahuwah’s part to regather the house of Joseph in the hand of Ephraim. They go together and are not separate rescues done at separate times! One must totally butcher scripture to even suggest that Judah’s return to the land of Israel is happening without brother Ephraimites. Whether Messianic Judaism at this juncture recognizes his brother or not, that will not stop the Father’s plan which shall stand above all others, coming to 1956.

Hosea 14:6 says that returning and repentant Ephraim will again be part of the olive tree of Israel. This is confirmed by Rav Shaul who in Romans 11:16 calls returning Ephraimites wild (paganized) olive branches. In Amos 9:8 Yahuwah promised to destroy the northern nation but in verse nine He says that as individuals, not a single grain will fall to the ground, or be destroyed among the nations or Gentiles where they are destined to go. Verse 11 of Amos 9 states that the reason that not a singular grain of Israelite corn will fall to the ground is that the Father must preserve them amongst the nations that they are going to be in, so that He can rebuild the Tabernacle of David which has fallen so completely. The idea of "LOST TRIBES", IS TOTALLY CHRISTIAN IN THEOLOGY AND HAS NO BIBLICAL OR JEWISH BASIS! There is much talmudic literature that talks about Ephraim still existing and waiting to experience a second birth through MOSHIACH!!

Ezekiel confirms the fact that the northern kingdom became Gentiles amongst the nations in such verses as Ezekiel 36:15-38. These verses also bring to light the fact that Judah is not mentioned since Judah at the time of Ezekiel in around 5OO BCE had only known Babylonian dispersion not global dispersion. In Ezekiel’s day the only segment of Israel that at the time of Ezekiel’s prophetic writings that had known global dispersion was the north or the house of Israel. The only place Jewish Israel needed to return from in Ezekiel’s time was Babylon, the ones who refused to return with Ezra and Nehemiah. That was only a one nation diaspora, not a global one. In Ezekiel 37:11 Yahuwah changes course by telling Ezekiel that the last days two stick vision is for the whole house of Israel. The addition of the word "whole" is confirmed in verses 12-28 where we see both houses that make up the whole clearly mentioned.

It is therefore beyond any shadow of a doubt that Ephraim Israel and to a lesser extent Jewish Israel is safe and sound in our day as they have been in every other day simply being sifted on an individual basis until Yahshua brings them back into New Covenant Israel one at a time. What will happen in the millennium as both houses come together fully is happening partially as Yahshua takes those far off, or far away from Jerusalem, as well as those near and makes both houses into one tree of life, by the precious blood of Messiah (Ephesians:2:13-14 ). The two houses, the near one and the far one, have after many years seen the ancient middle wall of partition broken down though Yahuwah’s Son. The gradual and progressive process which began at Calvary the day Yahshua died, will culminate at His return with the commencement of the Kingdom of Yahuwah on earth. HalleluYAH!

We do not need Herbert W. Armstrong, Mormons, the replacement theologians of British Israelism, or the American Indians, to tell us where to look for and find the Tabernacle of David restored and rebuilt. We need look no further than Yahshua’s body, the body of believers and you will find all of redeemed Israel living together in unity, harmony and love. Right under our nose, largely unknown to most of us, lies the mystery of regathered physical twelve tribe Israel. That is why Rav Shaul’s Olive Tree illustration is called a former mystery now revealed.

We see the first steps toward the inclusion of non Jewish Israelites in the Master’s visit to Samaria the former northern capital. In Matthew 10:5 He forbids any evangelism by his talmidim in Samaria which is openly acknowledged former Ephraimite territory. Yet in John chapter four we find Him ministering to the Ephraimite or Samaritan woman at the well. What’s going on? Why would He forbid his apostles from ministry in the hills of Samaria (Ephraim) and then turn right around and seemingly violate His own prohibition? The answer should be obvious. Due to His Jewish disciples prejudice and dislike of the Samaritans, Yahshua felt that they would botch the assignment at best, or fail to carry it out at worst. If left up to His talmidim they would more than likely bypass the hated Samaritans who were a half-breed race made up from the offspring of the widespread co-habitation of Ephraimites who stayed in the land, (at the request of the conquering colonial Assyrian Empire) and their conquerors. They were allowed to remain in the Samaritan mountains due to their farming ability which would provide food and provision for the conquering colonists. Unlike other armies such as Greece, Babylon and Rome, the Assyrian policy was to settle a conquered territory by assimilating their own people, as opposed to killing all the native inhabitants. This intermingling between colonial Assyrians and Ephraimite food providers, produced the mixed race of the hated Samaritans in existence at the time of Yahshua as well as today.

Despite the fact that they were half-breeds they had Israelite (not Jewish) blood. This fact is far beyond dispute or argument and is confirmed in such verses as John 4:5, where the city of Shechem is called a city of the house of Joseph, and verse six where Jacob’s well is mentioned. Since Jacob was the first Israelite and since he both dwelt and raised cattle there, we know this account takes place in the former northern kingdom territory. The Samaritan woman claims direct bloodline ancestry to Jacob in verse 12 of Yochanan 4, even calling Jacob or Israel her father. At no point does Yahshua rebuke or correct her assertion to her Israelite heritage, though He does rebuke her immorality. Had lying been one of her immoral character traits, He no doubt would have brought this up. The woman at the well was definitely an Israelite even though according to verse 9 of Yochanan 4,. Judean-Jews stayed away from Ephraim and Samaria, by refusing to go in and step out in love and recognition toward their brethren. Sound familiar? It should. Nothing has changed. His arrival to minister to her in Shechem an Ephraimite Samaritan village, was an open and unashamed act of love. There can be no doubt that Yahshua knew that this was a task that only He was capable of, due to Judah’s prejudice and blindness. May we be more like our Messiah when it comes to granting recognition and ministering love to those in our midst who claim Ephraimite blood, without administering a DNA test to them every time we see them, since genealogy cannot be proven or disproved. Genealogy is an issue of faith in who you think you are. Let’s be frank. Who would want to suffer as a Jew unless they were one? Who would want to receive vexation and ridicule as a non Jewish Israelite except one who really is one?

At the commencement of the modern day state of Israel in 1948, David Ben Gurion assembled 49 Jewish experts to determine who was a Jew eligible to return to Israel under Israel’s new law of return and came up with 49 diverse opinions! The conclusion to the whole matter was Ben Gurion’s famous remark born out of frustration with the rabbis, that a Jew "was anyone who said he was"! That must be our loving attitude to both Judahites and Ephraimites when they come into our midst, rather then refusing to deal with them or their claim to Israelite heritage unless they admit to being a "Gentile". As we covered in our last issue, there is no such thing as a saved Gentile and the Brit Chadasha confirms that in numerous places.

Once Yahshua opened the former northern kingdom to the gospel, He through the Ruach Hakodesh after His ascension sent Phillip (Acts 8:5-14) and almost all of Samaria believed and became born again non Jewish Israelites. As a matter of record this revival among Ephraim was so powerful that Shimon Keefa and Yochanan went up personally to survey and confirm the situation in Acts 8:14. Based on these and numerous other texts there is little doubt that the early Messianic community headquartered in Jerusalem, was made up of large numbers of Samaritans or non Jewish Israelites. What happened to their descendents and children? Didn’t they become believers? Isn’t that the goal of raising set apart children? These believing Israelite offspring that passed down the Messianic faith to future generations are still with us today. They are direct bloodline descendents of the early Samaritan believers. They are in our midst whether we grant them recognition or not! Also didn’t the early Jewish believers have children and grandchildren? Where are they? Didn’t early first century Messianic Jews represent all twelve tribes? That’s right many of them are still in the body of Yahshua 2000 years later right next to their Ephraimite brothers! It is utterly fascinating that in John 4:27 when the Jewish disciples returned to town only to find Yahshua witnessing to a Samaritan Israelite woman, that none of them asked Him what He was doing or why He was doing this, since they all knew instinctively that despite their own prejudice, Yahshua was as He said in Matthew 15:24, ministering only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. By virtue of the fact that He was ministering to Samaritans they knew that He was starting the reclamation and returning of all Israelites to the fold. That is why they were neither shocked, alarmed or inquisitive. We must learn from their response in John 4:27 and not be shocked or threatened to discover through correct prophetic and biblical exegesis that Yahshua has been ministering to many non Jewish Israelites for the past two thousand years by placing them under His care in His body or His assembly.

The past two thousand years have seen the ongoing restoration of both houses of Yisrael only within Yahshua’s universal body. The great news however is that He will duplicate that which is going on in believing Israel and expand it to include all of lost Israel, as we approach the millennial reign of Yahshua on earth. Therefore it is both a Kingdom in the here and now as well as a Kingdom yet to come. He is bound to His Word. His Word is truth!


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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  true lilly on Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:19 pm

And just to further make my case...
(something 'you mob' do so well for me here)
while some still have time to GET IT!

true lilly wrote:Long ago, I asked folk to ask themselves
(so they too, may see the truth of God's Word),
and I was banned for continuing to show, where, AND WHY.

See, unlike "tintin" and his ilk, I have nothing to do with
High Finance or picking and choosing figure heads, but,
I do care to study God's Word, and pay a little attention
to what is really going on, in this real world we occupy, as
God Advised Us, For Our Real Lives Sake.

[size=24]Nick Greiner appointed chairman of advisers
at Rothschild Australia

Rothschild Australia
(and 'you' simply won't allow,
THAT Headline, to show up big and bold.
Why, it's all in the public media,
freely available to anyone who can

pull their heads out of Team Tintin's arse
for two seconds Rolling Eyes )

Michael Bennet
From: The Australian
August 01, 2011 1:18PM

Nick Greiner, a former NSW Premier,
is a top adviser at Rothschild.
Source: The Daily Telegraph

ROTHSCHILD has appointed former New South Wales Liberal Premier Nick
Greiner as chairman of its council of advisers at its Australian
business and a senior adviser globally.

The investment bank today said Mr Greiner, who was Premier and
Treasurer of NSW from 1988 to1992, would take up the roles effective

Trevor Rowe, the executive chairman of Rothschild
Australia, said Mr Greiner’s public service and corporate board
experience would be of great value in providing insights to its clients.

Mr Greiner chairs a range of businesses and bodies, including Bradken,
Citigroup Australia and Infrastructure NSW. He is also deputy chairman
of CHAMP Private Equity.

Rothschild Australia recently advised SunRice on the failed takeover of
the group by Ebro Foods, Asahi on its bid for the whole of P&N Beverages,
which was blocked by the competition regulator, and the Queensland government
on its successful float of QR National.

Related Coverage

Spotlight on Rothschild's energy money The Australian, 10 Jun 2011
Slowdown puts brakes on rates The Australian, 31 May 2011
'Greiner role offered to Max the Axe' The Daily Telegraph, 6 May 2011
ALP scared off investors, says Greiner The Australian, 2 May 2011
Super could fund infrastructure The Australian, 2 May 2011

Asahi to pay $1.2b for Independent Liquor
Staff writer
From: AFP
August 08, 2011 12:00AM

JAPANESE beverage giant Asahi Group
reportedly has trumped rival Suntory
in the race to buy Independent Liquor.

Asahi will pay about $1.21 billion to buy the company, which is
headquartered in New Zealand, from private equity companies Pacific
Equity Partners and Unitas as it moves to expand in Asia and Oceania.

Asahi has been touted as a potential rival bidder for Melbourne-based
Foster's Group, which is the target of an informal $9.5 billion takeover
offer from Anglo-African beverage giant SABMiller. Asahi will announce
its biggest acquisition soon, Nikkei newspaper reported yesterday.

Japanese firms have sought to expand in foreign markets as domestic sales suffer
from slow consumption by the country's shrinking and ageing population.

Asahi already has a foothold in the Australian soft drinks market through its
Schweppes brand and last month agreed to buy P&N Beverages Australia.

Related Coverage

SABMiller waits on Foster's The Australian, 6 days ago
Greiner top Rothschild adviser The Australian, 7 days ago
Business as usual at Renmark plant Adelaide Now, 6 Jul 2011
Multi-million-dollar All Black FoxSports, 6 Jul 2011
World tucks into Aussie agriculture Herald Sun, 5 Jul 2011

Aussie stock market lifts after dive

Stephen McMahon and AAP

UPDATE 12.39pm:
THE Australian share market recovered
some of its early losses today as
investors regained some nerve.

China still our rock, say economists

HA! I was only going to post the headline
and introduction, but it GOT DELETED HERE
so I had to get the whole story. Rolling Eyes

Australians safe in China's hands amid tumble
Neil Wilson
From: Herald Sun
August 08, 2011 12:00AM

Rio Tinto chief executive Tom Albanese.

CHINA'S voracious appetite for Australian resources
is likely to continue despite the latest bout of
global economic volatility,
economists and business leaders say.

Rio Tinto chief Tom Albanese said yesterday while the debt crisis
engulfing major western economies had implications for the entire world,
China's economy would continue to grow rapidly.

And RMIT economics professor On Kit Tam said China's foreign investment program
meant there would be little impact on the Asian giant's demand for resources.

"I don't think this decline in the US rating
will have any immediate effect via China on to Australia," Prof Tam said.

"China is shielded by its foreign investment and capital controls."
China's news agency Xinhua said yesterday unless the US cut its
"gigantic military expenditure and bloated welfare costs", another ratings
downgrade would be inevitable.

Related Coverage

Roubini bullish on China The Australian, 20 Jul 2011
China slowdown a global risk The Australian, 18 Jul 2011
Forecasts put us at China's mercy The Australian, 11 May 2011
Consequences of China's boom start to get complicated The Australian, 1 Apr 2011
Hale warns as China is set to slide Adelaide Now, 28 Mar 2011

But Prof Tam said China had little option but to retain its $1.2 trillion holding
of US bonds as debt-ridden Europe did not provide a reliable alternative investment.

China is now buying a quarter of Australia's exports, while the US takes just 4 per cent.

Prof Tam said despite China's efforts to rein in its high inflation rate,
which clocked in at 6.4 per cent annualised in June, the economy would
still growth about 9 per cent this year.

Mr Albanese said based on his travels through China and knowledge of the economy,
he was convinced growth would not slip below 8 per cent next year.

He told the ABC's Inside Business program yesterday
the engine room of the Chinese economy was changing.

"It's shifting a bit from commercial and higher-end residential (property
construction) to probably what would be a more middle-class residential,
which we would see as a healthy sign," Mr Albanese said.

"What I see (is) that growth continues."

(lost count, is this the 5th or 6th time I've had to re-format this post?
Talk about petty, childish twerps, who think wasting someone's time,
somehow doesn't show them to be the born losers they are
Rolling Eyes)

No, this is NOT off topic. It is The Topic, that The CONspiracy Industry
has banned me all over the World Wide Web of DECEIVING Forums,
caring to freely share. I WARNED OF THIS, YEARS AGO,
and SHOWED and EXPLAINED how I came to know; simply by,

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How's about a British jig and reel?
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Of the Amerasian blues?
When it's Christmas out in Ho Chi Minh City
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Photograph of you
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Of you and Mamma Mamma Mamma-san
Lemme tell ya 'bout your blood bamboo kid.
It ain't Coca-Cola it's rice.

Straight to hell
Oh Papa-san
Please take me home
Oh Papa-san
Everybody they wanna go home
So Mamma-san says

You wanna play mind-crazed banjo
On the druggy-drag ragtime U.S.A.?
In Parkland International
Hah! Junkiedom U.S.A.
Where procaine proves the purest rock man groove
and rat poison
The volatile Molatov says-


Go straight to hell

Can you really cough it up loud and strong
The immigrants
They wanna sing all night long
It could be anywhere
Most likely could be any frontier
Any hemisphere
No man's land and there ain't no asylum here
King Solomon he never lived round here

Go straight to hell boys

Oh and yes,
God also told us He would give us watchmen,
to witness and warn, those with hearing ears
Rolling Eyes ...HYPOCRITE ALERT!...

Billy Ruben wrote:Did you have to spam
True Lilly,can't you just talk,what would happen if we were lovers,are
you going to spam text dirty talk to me while we f*ck...can't you just say,"F*ck me in the shitter you goy bastard"...

Billy Ruben wrote:LOLZ

...Now WHEN will 'you' 'Billy' et al,
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CONspiracy Forums of
The World Wide WEB of DECEPTION

true lilly wrote:I see you can't stop talking about yourself...

Parasites POISON, WEAKEN and KILL THOSE THEY 'live' OFF...
'your' Team 'mates' here:

rodin wrote:
el kabong wrote:
rodin wrote:Well that's a
relief, DIF is back up. I feared the worst since the FORUM direct button
on the main page redirected to it. I have books worth of research on
that site...
oops spoke too soon.
not to worry rodent, DIFtardia is a haven for NAZIs such as yourself. It was a mere Technical glitch and we have it sorted.
NAZI is product placement
gotta keep pushing that tired old bit of string...
meanwhile in the free speech zone
"... in the free speech zone"
...ahh, another time, ya gotta laugh...
...and this, is funny...

"It was a mere Technical glitch and we have it sorted."

Not, 'maintenance' this time, an actual 'glitch', and 'sorted'...
...now why is it I hear, "POLITICS 101"...

Well at least 'el kabong'=the obsessive attacker of,
"The, Icke=tintin, 'Thorn'" Wink , with
admits a little of why he must do the,
"free speech zone" version of,
NAZI/tintin's silencing of 'The Thorn', here,
which along with, chatting so politely, with
'blame everything on the jews', 'rodin'
and NOT SPAMMING 'HIS' Wink thread with pages of ,

clearly makes a Key Point of the case I present, for me.

BTW, at least I gave folk clear warning, years ago
of the very shit happening in England, now,

such as explaining why people were being encouraged
to kill themselves trying to squeeze into already
way over populated northern cities like London...

while 'you mob' screamed, "DON'T LISTEN TO HER!"

Gee, I wonder how many English Londoners
HATE YOU MOB now, that they realize I gave them
enough warning time to legally migrate to O'Zion,
while the "Ciggy's, Wonder Woman's, ownoiz's etc."
of WEB/NET CON Forum land, cruelly 'advised' folk
to move to every dangerous, bankrupt, unstable,
hot spot in the world, except O'Zion
...While working
FOR The Nazi/Dutch/'KING of The NORTH' who still

Oh sure, we will have our needed, bothersome corrections, to,
but we are also doing good things, like setting up a Universal
Disability Insurance Scheme (the 'SNOWY RIVER SCHEME' of
PUBLIC HEALTH, Bigger than the NBN),
an awful lot like what
I hammered for years ago, when working in that field.

Remember, it's all the twittering (ANTI)'social' NET 'workers'
who have been suckered into MURDERING INNOCENT DEFENDERS
of), England's 'Riots'(=UN'civil' WARS).

And it is the INSANE ICKEST RELIGION PUSHERS who have made me,
...who 'somehow'=BY THE GRACE of GOD, is still kicking.
Very Happy

And no 'Billy', remember, I don't 'make connections', but know,
what I know, through my faith in The Creator and His Promise
of Revealing to His faithful, what they need to know, when they
need to know it. Which is why 'you mob' must invent so many
slanderous tales about who I am, lest others Hear and Receive
The Message of God's Saving Grace,
that I am simply a real,
live human individual, example of being blessed by, through
not denying, and publicly sharing, That, Very Best News, Ever.

The Truth, does indeed, set you free,
and The Truth Is With The One Who Can't Lie,
The Creator of Life,
Who Described The Whole World, All The Earth
and All Peoples, From The Beginning.
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

...and as GOD is the only truly effective Ridder of Parasites,
I trust Him to His work.
Wink Smile Razz
true lilly

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  true lilly on Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:57 am

For starters, the ONE thing 'they' change
is the first word,
from, Think! to Think!,

I've left that as 'ninny' posted but have highlighted
the lies and deceptions designed to

ninny wrote: 11-08-2011, 06:32 AM #30101



Charles Manson telephoning


notice he speaks of "The mark of the Beast"

Charles Manson replies to concerns about a “New World Order” (Letter - July, 2011)

Think! If a body (person) lies and was raised and taught to lie, and
lies to self and lives with others who can't be truthful, how can they
even know what knowing is or is not? How can they even understand the
words and/or thoughts made up by the words? They are play-acting movies
and TV game shows.(HOW? Through TRUSTING GOD'S WORD,

You use the words "World Order", and you have thoughts in your head that
came from someone else, that you don't even know what is or is not.
You can't even use your own brain because others ‘been doing your
and you haven't even been born in Truth. (I HAVE, why I DO KNOW THE NEXT BIT IS ALSO A BALD FACED LIE!)You were born 1000
and million-million light years old, but
are trapped in the body others
needed you to be, play, and carry the cross for – you don't even know
what stupid is.
('ninny', TEAM TINTIN, ICKEST'S OBVIOUSLY DON'T!) And it would take 10 lifetimes running backwards
through school to blink one eye.(MORE senseless dribble to KEEP YOU OFF BALANCE!)
There is only one. One world is like – all water is one water. Real
order is one. One is all, all and one is zero, nothing, and everything.
World is already in its order.(TRYING to SPIN THAT TO ENGLAND, NOW? HOW BLOODY STUPID!) What you're talking and thinking is
brainwash – ‘use your own head’ would mean being reborn
('he/they' MEANS YOU MUST DIE First!)and not picking
the same old thoughts back up.

Order is true in itself as it is. First is air. Air- without air
there is no life on earth as I know and live it.
BUT 'they' IGNORE those millions of years ago when LIFE EXISTED ON
THIS SYSTEM of Things!)
To destroy or distort
air is out of order
('they' MEAN SATAN IS SO WEAK HE NEEDS US TO DIE TRYING TO PROTECT HIM)governments, money churches, none of that means
anything. The people of the Earth world are so warped, distorted,
twisted, and filled with lies and fear, confusion, doubt, and cover-ups,
greed, so on and on - that they can't see it if you show them.

For over 100 years, people have been trying to show the commands that
Air Is First, and not to use gas in the World Wars I and II. But
people say; "How long before all the air on earth is gone, over, and
all life is over?"… “100 years”… and the same with the order of where
air comes from; trees, green things, water and its order.(still BEGGING WE DIE TO KEEP THE PRINCE of DEATH 'alive')

Money and fear, sex and other levels of the world orders of death speak
(LIE! But 'they' DO CONTROL WEB/NET Forums and SILENCE those who THREATEN 'their' WEAK lord death) And real and truth is covered-up, lost from the real by the
cover-ups of the unreal, and who gives a fucks rule. And the sellouts
win again and time goes on and on, dragging the real order up and down,
under and over, around in circles.

(SHIT! TINTIN'S VERY OWN, SO OFTEN REPEATED Excuse for why he doesn't have the balls to WALK AWAY from HIS DEMONIC LUSTS, and
PREACHES OUT OF BITTERNESS because he doesn't have the balls to FACE HIS MAKER ALONE, which HE WILL!)

A lot of people say they would die before they would do this or that,(more
than 'say' I've proven it time and time again, and doesn't that just
show what WEAK, BITTER FOOLS 'they' ARE, that 'they' have only managed
to NEARLY KILL ME, so far...)

and they got ways they say they believe and want change. Then, when no
one's looking, they're sucking on it or doing and going where they told
and made someone do their will – that's not order, that's disorder = out
of order. And that kind of thought and behavior covers up the real
order of (more confusing, HYPNOTIC dribble to drive home, FIX 'their' Coded Order...) the ‘do or die’ Order. (ORDERING SENSELESS SLAUGHTERS)

You're in a room, a car is running, and oil is destroying your air.
Order says, "Turn the car off or give up the air". That's got nothing
to do with 'will you suck or not suck?' There are people who would go
to war and destroy their own world, children, and self before they would
or could be truthful with what's inside their own minds' order.
The Lie and Death, who ARE ALL TOO WEAK TO DEBATE ME, and little woman

I worked and got you… (established –ed.)(his
coded CREDIT TO HIS MASTERS that INVENTED his persona, gave him his
and…and just like Boston Irish
people, you were lying so you could make movies and dump it back on
someone else.

I forgot the rest of this.(see above, forgot his orders) It's without real reasons because there is no one left over from the last cross boss.


Charles Manson
Last edited by ninny; 11-08-2011 at 06:34 AM.

...now lets look at
"that" source...nothing much at all,
then click on
THE "home" 'they' WANT YOU DEVOTED TO!
CRUMBLING DYING Worldly System, because
are also CRUMBLING and DYING and CAN'T,
stand open and free to even the simplest scrutiny
true lilly

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  Billy Ruben on Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:28 am

Billy Ruben wrote:

until, 'The End Game'...and so you see,
they have always plotted
that GOD Promised to ISRAEL=O'Zion...
... and invented the 'out of Egypt' BS 'locations'
and BS 'time lines'
so that we wouldn't notice that
it's the real Israel and Judah they hate,
and actually get them to help rob themselves
of their Offered Glory...
...offered, but if you keep denying God's Word,
well how can you receive His Eternal Gifts,
Promised to those who DON'T REJECT HIS WORD

BULLSHIT...Why is your word,that of the Holy Spirit...You Lilly,are one of the greatest blasphemers I ever met,You say God forgives,except when you deny the Holy Spirits word...and your word is the Holy Spirits...see,how you emotionally blackmail and play on peoples fears to keep control of them.It works well with people in your life,But I'm not one of them,but,thankfully,you use the same tactics on me as you do people in your life...you win with them,but with me,you just expose yourself completely,I take advantage of it...and destroy your readership,which is what you think I'm charged to do anyway...so,I play on your neurosis back...it's so much fun

Billy Ruben

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  Billy Ruben on Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:28 am

Billy Ruben wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:I just sent Alison (I am) an email of this thread with your accusations about Ozpixie.As long as it don't go against their non-disclosure agreement,I asked her to inform Christine of this thread and to please give me information why True Lilly,(mental basket case spastic bitch),why would one of Gods' anointed would make such a claim?

I also asked for information about you madam...not where you live,but what you've done to others and the games and back-stabbing you involve yourself with,thankyou Lulzy for admitting this,it was arsehole game players is why I left DIF in the end,but I might just re-activate my account...and keep a low profile...the rant room is too tempting....And you know why arsehole???I'll rant every thread you've done,lost in the bowels of the rant room...Then,I'll ask Ozpixie to take you to court over your accusations,by using the police,(they'll help her...then when it's thrown out of court cause we just found out you're a registered mental patient...a real one!!!...then I will be ever so sorry I spoke ill to you...and forgive you for your harassment and games you play...if not,you're gonna look stupid,at any rate...and if Ozpixie does cough up...and reveals your lies and games the same as everyone else asserts,then your readers,must be as mental and fucked in the head as you...have a nice day.

and just to let the discerning reader know...

Billy Ruben wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:Hey Mental Patient,since you assert that you can answer questions,without spam I hope,...

What justifies you calling Christine/Ozpixie a goat fucker and that she makes men do it for bribery purposes???

Would you not consider that the men would rather f*ck Ozpixie than goats...but the possibilty is,that the men might rather f*ck a goat than some broken shrunken imp of a person such as yourself???

Why do you always label people goat,dog/fuckers,peadophiles?I have,but they and I know the truth of it...Even proved a few things that go on deaf ears.

You're sick Suzy,real sick...if you get sanctioned in a mental home,I'll forgive you,but you're on the street being a danger to yourself and everybody else...I can con a mental health team Suzy,5 minute chat with you,they'll never let you out,they hate God botherers the most in psyche-wards,drug the absolute crap out of them...

Billy Ruben wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:
true lilly wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:

So,where is the sex/porn spam,do you still think beastiality is natural sex???You see,Lilly,it's about interpretations,what you view as natural and loving,the law of the land regards as perverse and criminal...but in danger of giving the judge an erection
...and your 'double speak' is so weak and transparent...could it be that
you are the local horse rapist that the judges keep letting off...
true lilly wrote:sadly, some 'sick puppies' are so sick, a bullet's their only 'cure'... ...
... or you could simply 'you' 'ninny' 'billy' goat shagger's...

...umm, so 'you' do 'know' Christine in your satanic biblical sense, that local
animal raping ex-copper's witch...
...she couldn't get enough of making men fcuk goats...them blackmailing them...
...to stay in her sick death circles forever...I did warn people about her, years ago,
back in the ATS days...mind you, she and her ilk are a dime a dozen cheap slags...
...I'm sure you can find another if she's no longer available...now go, to
your own kind...I can't even pity you...

Are you kidding...No,this comes from the lips of True Lilly,it's all batshit...

Lilly,stop telling lies and no,I don't know Christine/OzPixie...Imagine that eh?David Icke Forum Moderators are either Illuminati Shills like Dark Eternal or goat fucking satanist like OzPixie,cause True Lilly tells me so...

No Lilly,I don't think they'll let you back on DIF....EVER.


Billy Ruben wrote:This is not such a bad way to go actually,my way,I would've destroyed you,but the fall-out for me would be just as bad...this way,we can deal with the FACTS as you've claimed...

Once you have no credibilty,you can post spam to the wall,cause there is no-way anyone will believe you...Hey,how come you have'nt called in the cavalry??? (hOrSeY-Palomino)...when it gets out of control you usually sink to every method that you accuse David Icke and Tintin of...
Gang-stalking,harassment,etc...when the dust settles,was that one little lie that kicked this all off a year ago,...Was it All Worth It?
Billy Ruben

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  MoMo on Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:14 am

Billy Ruben wrote: This is not such a bad way to go actually,my way,I would've destroyed you,but the fall-out for me would be just as bad...this way,we can deal with the FACTS as you've claimed...

Once you have no credibilty,you can post spam to the wall,cause there is no-way anyone will believe you...Hey,how come you have'nt called in the cavalry??? (hOrSeY-Palomino)...when it gets out of control you usually sink to every method that you accuse David Icke and Tintin of...
Gang-stalking,harassment,etc...when the dust settles,was that one little lie that kicked this all off a year ago,...Was it All Worth It?

Well said Billyboy, how true. thumbs up cheers popcorn

We'll be accused of 'ganging up' on her now.... rolling pin ....all 2 of us............... lmao rolf

At Icke I'd take on 12 NAZIs and anti-Semites at a time and the Mods would yell at me noway for bullying them. lmao rolf X infinity cheese



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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  Billy Ruben on Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:46 am

el kabong wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote: This is not such a bad way to go actually,my way,I would've destroyed you,but the fall-out for me would be just as bad...this way,we can deal with the FACTS as you've claimed...

Once you have no credibilty,you can post spam to the wall,cause there is no-way anyone will believe you...Hey,how come you have'nt called in the cavalry??? (hOrSeY-Palomino)...when it gets out of control you usually sink to every method that you accuse David Icke and Tintin of...
Gang-stalking,harassment,etc...when the dust settles,was that one little lie that kicked this all off a year ago,...Was it All Worth It?

Well said Billyboy, how true. thumbs up cheers popcorn

We'll be accused of 'ganging up' on her now.... rolling pin ....all 2 of us............... lmao rolf

At Icke I'd take on 12 NAZIs and anti-Semites at a time and the Mods would yell at me noway for bullying them. lmao rolf X infinity cheese


you're kidding...Geez,I'm reactivating my account so I can see the threads.Let's see,Tinyint,he'd be one of your faves,Ladybird,Rodin,Eternal Spirit,The Scotsman,

Thanks for the compliment,yeah,my way,I should've learned by now,I have'nt been playing the game well since I came back to Sodlikes...she gets to me,alot...she cries she's had the shit kicked out of her,but she'll say and do everything to f*ck one over.I even had to clue Sam up every second or third day,cause she has Sam's phone,the lures she leaves me in Pm's,to see if I stuff up,so she has something to use,she's desperate mate,but think I got her this time...

I'll leave her alone...on a number of conditions...

1.She never spams my threads or Pm's me again.
2.She uses her sub-forum in future.
3.When she has an accusation,she better have proof in future.
4.She speaks with respect and she will receive it back.

Hey Snoop,you have'nt even PM'ed me or VicaVersa...so how are we colluding,she even hinted Sod and I work together,Sod likes Lilly,might be a bit strained lately,but him and I are'nt mates,we hardly even chat,so how the Fark can we be conspiring?

Everything she says,it's just bullshit...She's mad,no other word for it,but a dangerous one,very... popcorn
Billy Ruben

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  true lilly on Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:16 pm

Considering these points (below),
WHY have CONspiracy Forum overlords and trolls,
united to attack
one real person who dared to ask
THE QUESTION: why does a world of opposing, waring
religions, INSIST that The One Thing we Must all believe

is the obviously absurd, 'out of Egypt' 'time line',

when Science Agrees with what GOD'S WORD ACTUALLY
and anyone who cares to, can actually
read up on and check for themselves?

Sod-Haus...!!! wrote:Why So Many Moderators On The David Icke Forum...???

'Free Speech Zones' Killing Free Speech Across Orwellian America

Thursday, 26 May 2011 08:15

Some David Icke Quotes...

A gift of truth is the gift of love.
David Icke

why do we, who say we oppose tyranny and demand freedom of speech,
allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines to be closed
down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history.
David Icke

Everyone is a son or daughter of god.
David Icke

Have you ever wondered what your subconscious mind looks like? Well today, I can show you.
David Icke

I am a channel for the Christ spirit. The title was given to me very recently by the Godhead.
David Icke

believe that the human race has developed a form of collective
schizophrenia in which we are not only the slaves to this imposed
thought behavior, but we are also the police force of it.
David Icke

couldn't walk down any street in Britain without being laughed at. It
was a nightmare. My children were devastated because their dad was a
figure of ridicule.
David Icke

I know that you are
part of me and I am part of you because we are all aspects of the same
infinite consciousness that we call God and Creation.
David Icke

the Atlantean period there were many energies being used and
information and knowledge being used which were, for particular reasons
of safety, withdrawn, shall we say, to prevent complete catastrophe, to
prevent total destruction of your planet.
David Icke

Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.
David Icke

of my very greatest fears as a child was being ridiculed in public. And
there it was coming true. As a television presenter, I'd been
respected. People come up to you in the street and shake your hand and
talk to you in a respectful way.
David Icke

So reports of my madness, as they say, were greatly exaggerated. Not that I give a bugger either way.
David Icke

The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.
David Icke

The Earth needs rebels!
David Icke

reason most people don't express their individuality and actually deny
it, is not fear of what prime ministers think of us or the head of the
federal reserve, It's what their families and their friends down at the
bar are going to think of them.
David Icke

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground.
David Icke

This One Seems A Bit Familiar...

why do we, who say we oppose tyranny and demand freedom of speech,
allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines to be closed
down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history.
David Icke

Seems To Be Plagarised From Bertrand Russell

of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of
liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: The fortunate must not be
restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate.
Bertrand Russell

Still Odd That There Is So Many Moderators And Forum Advisors etc... There...!!!

I Suppose Sitting On Ones Arse For 10 Hours A Day,
Could Be...

"Being The Change You Want To See In The World"

Well At A Stretch Or A Suspension Of Disbeleif...!!!


To silence anyone who twigs
that 'David Icke' lives on

"... total destruction of your planet. "
David Icke

"The Earth needs rebels! "
David Icke

"And why do we, who say we oppose tyranny
and demand freedom of
speech, allow people to go to prison
and be vilified, and magazines

to be closed down on the spot,
for suggesting another version of history."

David Icke

Gee, funny that...that
being SOLD in books, magazines, movies,
newspapers, NET Forums...


BASHED to near death
by "tintin's" THUG tools and
Targeted by CAR BOMBS...

...but 'they' still can't kill it! Wink Very Happy
true lilly

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  Billy Ruben on Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:50 pm

Billy Ruben wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:Anyone of unfounded crimes and atrocities ever again I swear,I'll pursue you to the ends of the Earth,your God,will not protect you...

How dare you,pick on someone that can't even defend themselves.
Do you know how much hurt and pain your stupid little game does,how does mine back to you feel? Get it,myopic slag???
Ozpixie would never be what you accuse her off.

Quote: I Am


I would not even show this to ozpixie as I know how much it would upset her and trust me, she does not need this sort of disgusting accusation in her life.

I have been slated by the best of them but really don’t give a toss. I know who I am and my friends and family know who I am.. I have been around long enough that it is water off a duck’s back.

Oz on the other hand is a very sweet lady who is not all that savvy to the hatred spread on the net.

I cannot give you too much information but I can assure you she is not the person true lilly believes she is. Her name is not Christine and she has never met or had any contact with lilly. She is not only not from Ballarat, She is not even from the same state.

How's that for showing what little you really know,eh? But still quite prepared to vomit your bullshit.You got no credibility and you make the Anti-Icke movement look cold and hate-filled with no warrant to be...and for that




cthulhu cthulhu

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil


rolf rolf rolf rolf

Razz Razz Razz Razz

pig pig pig pig

tongue tongue tongue tongue

Billy Ruben wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:I just sent Alison (I am) an email of this thread with your accusations about Ozpixie.As long as it don't go against their non-disclosure agreement,I asked her to inform Christine of this thread and to please give me information why True Lilly,(mental basket case spastic bitch),why would one of Gods' anointed would make such a claim?

I also asked for information about you madam...not where you live,but what you've done to others and the games and back-stabbing you involve yourself with,thankyou Lulzy for admitting this,it was arsehole game players is why I left DIF in the end,but I might just re-activate my account...and keep a low profile...the rant room is too tempting....And you know why arsehole???I'll rant every thread you've done,lost in the bowels of the rant room...Then,I'll ask Ozpixie to take you to court over your accusations,by using the police,(they'll help her...then when it's thrown out of court cause we just found out you're a registered mental patient...a real one!!!...then I will be ever so sorry I spoke ill to you...and forgive you for your harassment and games you play...if not,you're gonna look stupid,at any rate...and if Ozpixie does cough up...and reveals your lies and games the same as everyone else asserts,then your readers,must be as mental and fucked in the head as you...have a nice day.

and just to let the discerning reader know...

Billy Ruben wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:Hey Mental Patient,since you assert that you can answer questions,without spam I hope,...

What justifies you calling Christine/Ozpixie a goat fucker and that she makes men do it for bribery purposes???

Would you not consider that the men would rather f*ck Ozpixie than goats...but the possibilty is,that the men might rather f*ck a goat than some broken shrunken imp of a person such as yourself???

Why do you always label people goat,dog/fuckers,peadophiles?I have,but they and I know the truth of it...Even proved a few things that go on deaf ears.

You're sick Suzy,real sick...if you get sanctioned in a mental home,I'll forgive you,but you're on the street being a danger to yourself and everybody else...I can con a mental health team Suzy,5 minute chat with you,they'll never let you out,they hate God botherers the most in psyche-wards,drug the absolute crap out of them...

Billy Ruben wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:
true lilly wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:

So,where is the sex/porn spam,do you still think beastiality is natural sex???You see,Lilly,it's about interpretations,what you view as natural and loving,the law of the land regards as perverse and criminal...but in danger of giving the judge an erection
...and your 'double speak' is so weak and transparent...could it be that
you are the local horse rapist that the judges keep letting off...
true lilly wrote:sadly, some 'sick puppies' are so sick, a bullet's their only 'cure'... ...
... or you could simply 'you' 'ninny' 'billy' goat shagger's...

...umm, so 'you' do 'know' Christine in your satanic biblical sense, that local
animal raping ex-copper's witch...
...she couldn't get enough of making men fcuk goats...them blackmailing them...
...to stay in her sick death circles forever...I did warn people about her, years ago,
back in the ATS days...mind you, she and her ilk are a dime a dozen cheap slags...
...I'm sure you can find another if she's no longer available...now go, to
your own kind...I can't even pity you...

Are you kidding...No,this comes from the lips of True Lilly,it's all batshit...

Lilly,stop telling lies and no,I don't know Christine/OzPixie...Imagine that eh?David Icke Forum Moderators are either Illuminati Shills like Dark Eternal or goat fucking satanist like OzPixie,cause True Lilly tells me so...

No Lilly,I don't think they'll let you back on DIF....EVER.


Billy Ruben wrote:This is not such a bad way to go actually,my way,I would've destroyed you,but the fall-out for me would be just as bad...this way,we can deal with the FACTS as you've claimed...

Once you have no credibilty,you can post spam to the wall,cause there is no-way anyone will believe you...Hey,how come you have'nt called in the cavalry??? (hOrSeY-Palomino)...when it gets out of control you usually sink to every method that you accuse David Icke and Tintin of...
Gang-stalking,harassment,etc...when the dust settles,was that one little lie that kicked this all off a year ago,...Was it All Worth It?

Billy Ruben wrote:
Billy Ruben wrote:
true lilly wrote:Nothing 'private' about this, 'you' 'ninny nong'...

So, which is it?
"Billy Ruben" makes a serious threat, or, he's all lying talk?

From Billy Ruben To true lilly, Today at 4:28 pm

true lilly wrote:
So, you still haven't figured out why the smarter ones hand-balled you this:
"Keep pushing and I'll destroy you good and proper.", job.

quote:Billy Ruben

your a goner mate...

Either way...'you & Ciggy' simply shouldn't have spammed, my one thread,
with 'you & Ciggy's' endless public 'conversations' about 'you & Ciggy's'
'beliefs' on when a child is too young or too related to lust after
, and then
stepped up 'your' phone and on line harassment, when I asked 'you', again,
to remove that, utterly sick, way off topic, 'conversation' of 'yours',
from my thread, that was 'chopped up' to have 'those conversations'
of 'you & Ciggy', head and end the pages, as if it where my topic...and then cry,
rant, libel, make endless personal threats and try to sound like 'you'
AND 'your' supportive ASSOCIATES are 'good guys'.

Mind you, as 'Billy Ruben & Ciggy' thought it funny at the time of 'that conversation',
that I should ask them to stop spamming my thread with 'their' sick 'fishing', and that
'he' keeps bringing it up, I'd say it's something else that has 'them' worried...as it should.

this is what I mean't you're a goner,you think I'd martyr you...hehehehe,that's how you think,idiot,no,a living permanenet death...I destroyed every credible shred you ever had or beLIEved you had.

This is what I am had to say,the truth...you're a disgusting spiteful shitbag of a person Suzy Ryan...if I get a chance,I'll f*ck you over in court
...Alison won't even show Ozpixie your stuff and I don't blame her,Ozpixie to me was like an Aussie Antiem,a very nice young lady,but Antiem shocked me with her strengths,I always thought Ozpixie was a little softy,like Curtain Cat,very lovely girls...You spiteful stale withered shitbag of a woman,I HATE you properly now...and have no shame in how I treat you,exactly how I treat demons,what I say to them,made them weep...you I will break...I am an old demon in transition,anything that tries stopping me in future,I'll swat,as I do to roaches...

the only thing being threatened is what little credibilty you think you had...call the police,go on,dare you,send your bald headed mate up,I'm in pretty good shape compared to yesterday.F*CK YOU!!!

sucked in...you make me ill...

True Lilly,puts her foot in it:
Mind you, as 'Billy Ruben & Ciggy' thought it funny at the time of 'that conversation',
that I should ask them to stop spamming my thread with 'their' sick 'fishing', and that
'he' keeps bringing it up, I'd say it's something else that has 'them' worried...as it should.

Thankyou Suzy,that's exactly what I said,spam a True Lilly shitbox thread to make it interesting and you get painted as a child molester...exactly what I've been saying.

The only disappointing aspect,is you're proving me dead-on with no effort needed,this is all to easy...


Billy Ruben wrote:yeah,we remember the car-bombing,you lied and bullshitted about that one too...and sent us a pic of some woman walking a dog as proof,yeah,credible honest god fearing suzy fuckwit ryan...
Billy Ruben

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  edit on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:35 am

true lilly wrote:~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sorry, ................i]there was and there wasn't
a TSUNAMI threat
[/i]...GIZO is BIBLICAL...

Sorry! The word Gizo doesn't occur in the KJV.

But, Gizonite is...

((sawan song -- being hear for dacades say ye vera susa.. more like millenia - or since ramayana story finished- and rama was born around 5000bc.. or, the loooong song for the beloved sita is at least 2400 years - fish-ing time) Why?

Outline of Biblical Usage 1) to make to rise up, to rise up, to produce

2) to rise (in an assembly to speak)
thinkbabynames. com/search/beloved
...................................It is GIZA ....(means dark in Swahilli)
and -nite -Hyacinth
Sons of (The) NAME - Hashem - of God ..also the Light of )
and ..the gates (12 endings as echo of the earrth - ending in the moon) why?

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  edit on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:41 am

here again ..same? as in the last one of these this timeloop

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  edit on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:42 am

and.. verasusalilits not here anymore online
when it so i

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  Billy Ruben on Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:54 pm


thumbs down cthulhu

true lilly wrote:Good readers, as I see Billy Ruben is polluting my threads with the equivalent of
what one would find in the chamber pot of a man dying of vile diseases (and so,
not something one would want to pick through the details of),


true lilly wrote:Good readers, as I see Billy Ruben is polluting my threads with the equivalent of
what one would find in the chamber pot of a man dying of vile diseases (and so,
not something one would want to pick through the details of), I'll simply post my reply
to his, not at all private, message to me on the same subjects, which though I didn't
bother answering point for point, will give you a sound and clear overview of 'his' problem with my character.

Hey, it was pretty hard to forget what 'you & ciggy' wrote and wrote and kept writing,
in my threads, in 'your' way off topic derailing exercise, and as WE FULL WELL KNOW,
simply 'discussing' 'that SICK topic' is a CALL OUT to the like (EVIL) minded, who DO
KNOW HOW to OPEN SECRET LINKS...as do those who do work to hunt and rid the world
of 'that' DISEASE.

btw, my Best Friends have always been Gentlemen, and it was an ex-copper who
stalked, sorry, is still stalking, me after my ex set him onto me over ten years ago,
who's into animals.

But dribble on, you ARE sounding more and more like those who hate me
because I don't whore around like the WOmen who OWN their balls....the
same whores who spread the rumours in the first place, so that the men
they 'promised' the
joy of my intimate company to, would be offended when I declined their 'requests'.

...but onto more timely events...I am currently looking after two of the neighbours cats,
they caused one of them to lose one and a half feet...I have not put
them into the RSPCA (far more ruthless than police over car bombs), and
finally got them tame enough
to worm today, but if that whore doesn't call off her and the the other whores' mobs of kids,
I just may have to, as they do stress that poor crippled tom who came here because he
a stress free refuge to better recover, not constant loud, destructive
violence...and, you really need to get off the drugs to argue with me,
as I do have a functioning memory...
it's because I do pull apart and
vacuum out my heater, that I could see how much trouble 'they' went to
cause a fire...plus the dicks didn't know the trick for putting the
front back on.

And as for my dog; she gets included in invitations to visit my friends, who 'you' do not
want to slander as 'you' just have me. There are some people left in the world who do
admire the Right Royal, quiet, respectful dignity of a good hound who's past gave them
every excuse to be a 'bitch', but unlike so many whoring WOmen and their lap dogs,
is Above being so crass.

P.S. as 'you' really do get 'your' rocks off, fiddling with my posts,
I can't help but wonder what else 'you' like to fiddle with in the real world,
that is also the opposite to constructive and edifying.

Billy Ruben

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

Post  Billy Ruben on Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:31 am

true lilly wrote:Gee, I wonder why
"tintin's" thread HAS LOST SO MANY READERS...

...and isn't this "supposed" to be,


SUZY'S PHONE NUMBER: 0424705576 cthulhu
Billy Ruben

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Re: David Icke site BETRAYS AUSTRALIA (3)

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